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Caroline Retzer Caroline is a professional writer living on a small farm in the heart of the Rocky Mountains. She has been married forever and finds herself constantly amazed at all the choices couples have today. She loves those sentimental parts of a wedding where a couple reveals their unique story. She hopes the articles she writes will inspire readers to look for the places they can express themselves in meaningful ways while honoring tradition.
Caroline Shannon Caroline Shannon has been professionally writing since 2004. She is currently engaged, and is enjoying the opportunity to combine her professional and personal life by writing about wedding planning. A self-proclaimed "nerd at heart," Caroline loves reading, running, Thai food and singing loudly in the car. She lives in Dayton, Ohio with her fiancé and four cats -- yes, she is the crazy cat lady.
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Dawn Applegate Dawn works for Letters & Arts, has planned her own wedding as well as two others. She's passionate about creating your magical day without breaking the bank.
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Jessica Springgay Jessica Springgay is a writer and editor living in Sacramento, California. She enjoys reading, writing, crossword puzzles and scuba diving. She lives with her long-term boyfriend, two adorable pugs and evil cat.
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Kristen McCormack Kristen P. McCormack is fresh off the wedding planning trail, full of bridal knowledge after marrying her best friend in August 2008. She's been writing professionally since 2004, and in early 2008 escaped the cubicle lifestyle to pursue a freelance career. She considers herself an "amateur crafter," but gets bored focusing on just one kind of craft. So, she ends up dabbling in a little bit of everything. That happens to be the same way she approaches her writing, too.
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Lindsay Dove Lindsay Dove is a freelance writer residing in Southern Oregon with her fiancé and one-year-old son. She enjoys writing about motorcycles, environmental issues, and of course, wedding resources. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in English from Southern Oregon University and a Master of Arts in Teaching Writing from Humboldt State University. Her articles have been featured in national magazines like In The Wind, and her extensive writing experience has benefitted many online and Southern Oregon publications.
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Melanie Henson Melanie Henson has written professionally since 2000. She has a deep interest in wedding planning, attire and history, and loves the opportunity to help couples prepare for the big day. To date, Melanie has published more than 200 articles in print and online. Melanie, her husband and two youngest sons live in Los Angeles County, CA.
Melanie Henson & Dawn Applegate Sometimes our writers like to collaborate.
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Selena Beckman Harned Selena Beckman-Harned is a professional writer and editor living in Carrboro, North Carolina. She enjoys reading and writing on all kinds of topics, and is currently planning a graphic novel cookbook and a young adult fantasy series. When the day comes for her own wedding, she'll need lots of help from sites like this one!
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