Green Wedding Guide

Staying Eco-Friendly Wedding

Couple in Chairs

You and your groom are green through and through. Now you have to figure out how you will make your two passions -- planning the big day of your dreams and keeping things green -- mesh in all the right ways. This collection of helpful hints and expert advice will help you plan your Green Wedding.

When you were young, your wedding day plans danced with visions of tasty food, gorgeous flowers, loads of guests and a wedding gown to die for. But now, you've grown and, while your visualization is still very much the same, you have also picked up a knack for being eco-friendly. Your car of choice is a hybrid, vegetarianism is your middle name, you don't understand how people don't recycle and you have made fighting for animal rights your hobby of choice.

Well, it's a good thing that wedding vendors have also picked up on your keenness for keeping things green. Caterers, florists, transportation rental companies and wedding planners have all come up with creative ways to make sure your nuptials are as green. With a little help from WeddingDNA, you'll be able to plan the Eco-Friendly wedding of your dreams!

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