Wedding Slideshows

Wedding Slideshows with Powerpoint for Your Special Day

Wedding PowerPoints

Wedding slideshows can be a lovely way to add a personal touch to your reception. Whether you choose to make a wedding PowerPoint, create a presentation using a free online app, or put together a DVD featuring your favorite images, The Printable Wedding’s templates and graphics can add a decorative element that will tie the slideshow into the rest of your wedding stationery.

There are several different approaches you can take to making a wedding slideshow. The most common method of making a slideshow is to feature photos from your courtship to show how your relationship has progressed over time. However, you may also choose to include a few favorite photos of you and your spouse as children to make your slideshow tell the story of how you grew up to find your true love. Another idea would be to highlight your parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents to show how their example of a loving marriage has inspired you to find your own happy ending. Add quotes or captions in between the photos, if desired.

If you're going to play your slideshow at a specific point in your wedding reception, consider having it set to a song that has a special meaning for you and your spouse. If you plan to have the slideshow running on a continuous loop throughout the event, it would be better to forgo the music so it doesn't detract from the conversations your guests are having.

Although slideshows are a popular addition to wedding receptions, they can also be used at the rehearsal dinner, bridal shower, or bachelorette party. No matter what option you choose, sharing special memories makes the process of saying "I do" that much sweeter!