Purple Wedding Invitations

Combining the stability of blue and the fierceness of red, purple is a color associated with luxury, peace, and creativity. It has also traditionally been associated with royalty and nobility. When chosen as one of your wedding colors, purple conveys individuality and a hint of mystery. Create unique invitations for your special day by personalizing one of the professionally designed templates from The Printable Wedding.

With purple wedding invitations, there are an endless array of options to consider. Purple invitations often pair plum, violet, orchid, amethyst, or lavender with subdued neutrals or bold accent colors such as teal or lime. Lighter shades are more common for spring weddings, while darker shades lend a dramatic flair to fall and winter weddings. Purple lends itself well to floral designs as well as classic flourishes.

Many of the templates offered by The Printable Wedding have matching save the date cards, response cards, programs, thank you cards, menus, and clipart you can use for your wedding signage or favor tags. This lets you effortlessly create a coordinated look for your special day.