Wedding Announcement Wording

Unlike wedding invitations, wedding announcements are not a required part of the process of saying, "I do." However, they are a nice way to let the special people in your life know about your nuptials.

Announcements can be formal or casual, depending upon your personal preference. Some couples also use this opportunity to share wedding photos, new addresses, or other important information. Typically, couples send the announcements shortly after the actual wedding.

Formal Wedding Announcements

Formal wedding announcements should match your wedding stationery. They typically use the same style, font, paper, and wording as your wedding invitations. Many of the DIY printable wedding invitations featured on The Printable Wedding have coordinating backgrounds that can be used to create your wedding announcements.

Here's an example of a formal wedding announcement if your parents hosted the wedding:

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas McDougall
announce the marriage of their daughter
Elizabeth Lynn
Edward James Betts
Sunday, the fifteenth of March
Two thousand and fifteen
St. Patrick Catholic Church
Iowa City, Iowa

If you hosted your own wedding, the announcement should be worded as follows:

Elizabeth Lynn McDougall
Edward James Betts
announce their marriage
Sunday, the fifteenth of March
Two thousand and fifteen
St. Patrick Catholic Church
Iowa City, Iowa

Simple Casual Wedding Announcement

A simple casual announcement provides minimal details, but lets recipients know of this important event in your life. The Printable Wedding has several wedding announcement templates for casual announcements, including designs with space to feature one of your favorite wedding photos.

Here's an example of the wording for a very simple casual wedding announcement:

Two hearts became one!
Emily McDougall and Edward Betts
were married in a private ceremony on March 15.

The "Hope to See You Soon" Announcement

If you had a small wedding due to budgetary concerns, send out a casual announcement that helps explain to recipients why they didn't receive an invitation.

Use this wording example as a guide:

With great joy we announce that
we were married on
March 15, 2015
in Iowa City, Iowa
Our limited budget and the size of our venue
meant there were many loved ones
we were not able to invite.
We missed having you there,
but you were in our hearts.
We hope to see you soon!
Edward and Elizabeth Betts

The New Home Announcement

If you and your spouse are moving to a new home after your wedding, you can issue casual announcements that combine the news of your nuptials with sharing your new address.

Wording should be as follows:

It's been a busy month for us!
We were married on
March 15, 2015
at St. Patrick's Catholic Church
in Iowa City, Iowa.
We're beginning a new life together
in our new residence:
Edward and Elizabeth Betts
1234 South Johnson Street
Cedar Rapids, IA 52233

Getting the Kids Involved

If you have children from a previous relationship and you want them to feel involved in the wedding process, you can send out wedding announcements where they share the news.

The following is an example of this type of wedding announcement:

Madeline and Jacob
are happy to announce
the marriage of their mother
Elizabeth McDougall
Edward Betts
in a private ceremony on March 15, 2015.

Elopement with Reception Invite

If you privately eloped, your wedding announcement may function as an invitation to your reception.

Here's a wording example:

We love each other a lot, so we finally tied the knot!
Elizabeth McDougall and Edward Betts
eloped on May 17
at Jekyll Island Club Hotel in Jekyll Island, Georgia.
We look forward to seeing you at our reception
to be held on September 19
from 5 pm to 9 pm at the Elmcrest Country Club
1234 Maple Lane, Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Who Gets An Announcement?

Wedding announcements are generally sent to people who were not invited to the ceremony, but are close enough to you that you would like to notify them of the occasion. This may include friends who lived too far away to travel, extended family who weren't invited to the ceremony due to budget constraints, and professional colleagues who need to be informed that you'll now be using your husband's last name in your work-related correspondence. Your parents may also want to send announcements to some of their friends.

How to Handle Gifts

It's important to remember that wedding announcements are a pleasantry only. They are not a solicitation for gifts. However, if you receive a gift after sending a wedding announcement, following up with thank you note is the polite thing to do. The Printable Wedding has many printable thank you card designs that can be used to create a coordinated look with all of your wedding stationery.

Written by: The Printable Wedding Team