How To Use Your Favorite Quotes in Your Wedding

What to do with the words you love.

Favorite Wedding Quotes
You've finally chosen the perfect quote or two to incorporate into your wedding. Now the question is how best to do it. Whether it's a quote from the movie you saw on your first date, a lyric from the song that played during your first slow dance or a snippet of religious scripture, quotes are a great way to personalize your wedding day and make it feel more you.

The first thing to take into consideration is that you shouldn't go overboard. Choose one or two quotes and use them throughout the day, incorporating them into many aspects of the wedding. A good quote or two can tie different elements together, but too many quotes will lose any intended special meaning and may seem unorganized.

On Your Invitations or Your Programs

Have your quote printed on your invitations or your programs to create a memorable first impression. Besides a quote about love or marriage that reflects your relationship, you could also choose a quote that reflects your wedding's theme. Having a tropical or island-themed wedding? Choose a traditional Hawaiian love quote. Is your ceremony more romantic and formal? Maybe quote Shakespeare! Or quote scripture for a religious wedding.

If you do choose to include a quote on your invitation or program, keep it relatively short. People don't want to read through several paragraphs to get to the important information or ceremony logistics.

In Your Ceremony

Incorporate your quote into your vows or ceremony reading. Your officiant can also incorporate it into the service itself. A nice touch is to select a lyric from your wedding song as your quote.

During the Reception

Ask the parents, best man or maid of honor to use your quote in their toasts. To make sure your quote leaves a lasting impression on your guests, have it printed on customized wine bottle labels, bookmarks, picture frames or on your favor tags. You can also have it printed on guest's seating cards or table designators.

Engraved on Your Wedding Bands

Perhaps the most romantic way to incorporate your chosen quote into your wedding is to have it engraved inside your wedding bands. This is a thoughtful and personal touch, and the two of you will be reminded of your special day and your love for each other every time you look at your rings.

Written by: Jessica Springgay