Nondenominational Wedding Vows

Find the perfect words to express what is in your heart when writing nondenominational wedding vows.

Many couples today are choosing a nondenominational wedding as a way to include personal beliefs and rituals into their wedding ceremonies. Because a Nondenominational wedding is by definition not affiliated with a specific religion, couples are free to include or exclude rituals from other faiths and blend tradition with their own words.

Writing Your Own Vows

Writing your own vows and speaking the promises which are most important to you as a couple is one way to create nondenominational wedding vows. By speaking the words which most accurately reflect the depth of your hearts, you can achieve a blending of interfaith rituals and create a deeply meaningful ceremony for both of you as well as for your guests.

Help with Your Wedding Vows

If the idea of writing your own vows sounds magical, but when pencil hits paper nothing follows, you are not alone. Few couples can express in the lyrical wording of sacred vows, the full measure of their love. Writer's block for this type of spiritual and powerful writing is common and fixable. By deciding on the type of ceremony you wish to have, your wedding vows will come much easier. Sites such as World Wedding Traditions offers detailed information on wedding traditions from around the globe. Couples can include a special reading or symbolic activity highlighting their ancestry or a specific theme they feel expresses their emotions. Using rituals from around the world and finding those elements which speak to your heart, you might find the words come easier.

Nondenominational Wedding Vow Examples

If the words are still locked in your heart, it may be time to see what others have written and said for their weddings. By following the outline or tone of another's words, you can change what you don't like or those phrases which don't capture your meaning. Ancient prayers from cultures around the globe and current vows are all listed in an easy to follow format. Feel free to mix ceremony parts or combine wording to create the perfect wedding vows for your dream wedding.

Special Considerations for Nondenominational Wedding Vows

It is important to check with both your venue and your officiant to verify that personal or nondenominational wedding vows are acceptable. Many officiants welcome the opportunity to work with couples in creating a unique and personal ceremony and can offer advice, editing help or encouragement. Others are restricted by their faith and can only participate under certain guidelines. A simple conversation should clear up any confusion or conflicts.

The most important part of nondenominational wedding vows is their relevance for you two as a couple. Have an honest and frank discussion about the elements you each wish to include and any promises or vows you are uncomfortable performing. Taking charge of the vows gives you the power to create a ceremony with deep meaning for you as a couple and to start your life together. If you struggle, that is not a bad thing. Lifelong promises should take some effort and the careful thought you put into your vows is also preparation for your life as husband and wife.

Written by: Caroline Retzer