Wedding Vows Guide

How will you say "I do?"

Wedding Vows

Wedding vows are a vital part of every couple's wedding ceremony. With the words you say, you pledge yourself to your lover, to be united in the bonds of holy matrimony -- what will you say?

If you're a religious bride, you may not have to think too hard. Catholic wedding vows, Jewish wedding vows, and Christian wedding vows all follow a consistent format which is flexible enough for most brides to put their own unique spin on the feeling and wording of the verses chosen.

Other brides may be interested in how to write their own wedding vows, or how to right personalized ideas. Brainstorming is a great way to start, and after you have a few ideas you can go in search of wedding vow poems which may further spark your romantic imagination.

Those renewing their vows will find plenty of fresh ideas, while brides wanting to honor their heritage may delight in colorful Celtic wedding vows, Irish wedding vows, or Scottish wedding vows. With so many ways to say "I do", take your time exploring the following easy to understand articles to help you craft the perfect bridal wedding vow.