Disney Theme Wedding

Planning a Wonderful Weddingwith a Disney Motif

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Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin and Jasmine, Sleeping Beauty and Prince Charming -- over the years, Disney has brought us many classic love stories.

Why not incorporate one into your Disney-themed wedding? With bright, bold colors, charismatic characters, and passion straight from a fairy tale, a wedding with a Disney theme can be romantic and fun at the same time!

When planning your Disney-themed wedding, the first thing you'll want to decide upon is whether you'd like to focus on a particular Disney story (like Snow White or Cinderella, for example), or if you'd rather have a general Disney theme, taking ideas from many different films. A general theme is probably easier to pull off, but a particular story brought to life in your very own wedding can be absolutely magical when correctly put together. Your choice of theme will play large part in your decorating decisions, including the following:

Where will you be having your wedding? Is it going to be in a castle, as in so many Disney fairytales? A destination wedding to Africa, a l√° The Lion King? Are you going to Walt Disney World or Disneyland to get married in "the happiest place on earth?"

Your invitations are often the first part of your wedding people see - make them stand out! With the right images and clipart, you can create your own elegant invites with a Disney theme. Imagine a pastel-colored picture of smiling Winnie the Pooh on the outside, and a simple honey jar on the inside with the words "He's finally found his honey," along with all the typical information included in an invitation. You might also create a wedding invitation with fairy imagery, perhaps using Tinkerbell from the story of Peter Pan. If your wedding preparations are hectic and you can't find time to make your own, Disney sells premade invitations which feature their animated characters.

Bride's Dress
Use your favorite Disney books and movies to find the perfect fairytale dress for your wedding. With the help of a professional dressmaker, you'll be able to recreate the one you choose, or to create a modern wedding dress inspired by your favorite Disney vestament. If you've got a lot of small children in the family who could pass for happy little bluebirds, consider a long bridal train under which six to ten of these small ones could titter and twitter as they carried your train on your way down the aisle!

Groom's Clothing
The groom may be dressed in a traditional black or white tuxedo, or, if he's truly dedicated, may be dressed as one the classic Disney romantic leads, like Prince Charming.

Bridesmaids' Dresses and other Clothing Ideas
Look for well-known Disney heroines for inspiration for your bridesmaids' dresses. For a flower girl, think Tinkerbell. For a ring bearer, think a young Mickey Mouse or little Nemo.

Bright, vivid colors are the key when it comes to choosing flowers to accompany a Disney theme. Look for carnations, roses, tulips, and sunflowers in reds, yellows, oranges, and blues. Glass slippers are an elegant and creative way to display your flora. A bouquet of pink roses is often a beautiful complement to a Disney-themed dress.

Wedding Cake
For a Disney wedding, think about having a cake created in the shape of the Magic Castle, with the characters upon which you've chosen to focus your theme placed in the highest tower. Another great idea is a Cinderella-themed cake, with her coach perched on top and pumpkins spilling down the cake's snowy lower layers.

Wedding Favors
When choosing favors for your guests, consider Disney ties for men and Disney jewelry for women. Mickey and Minnie snow globes can make cute keepsakes, as well. If you want to give your guests immediate satisfaction, however, nothing beats chocolate mice!

Choice of Music
Part of Disney¬?s nearly universal appeal is the fantastic music our favorite animated movies often incorporate. Think about the songs from your favorite Disney films, like "Can You Feel the Love Tonight," from The Lion King, or "I Can Show You the World," from Aladdin, and figure out how you can incorporate them into your ceremony, perhaps during the newlywed's first dance. There are also a number of classical albums containing versions of favorite Disney songs available commercially.

Other Decorating Ideas
  • For tables, think about colors that will complement your flowers - bright, primary shades may work well.
  • Disney-themed props can be rented or made, and will add considerable depth to your decorating.
  • If you love Snow White, why not find seven garden gnomes and post them near the entrances and exits as "dwarves"?
  • Pumpkin candles for a Cinderella theme.
  • Disney stuffed animals and toys can add a lot of flare to your occasion.
  • Dress the waiters as Disney characters, or hire professional impersonators to "play" the characters you've always wanted to meet! Sure to be a hit with children and young-hearted adults.
  • Ice sculptures of Disney icons, like Cinderella's carriage or the Lion's Head Cave from Aladdin.
  • Helium balloons emblazoned with Disney characters.

  • Planning a Disney-themed wedding can be a lot of work, but hopefully these ideas will put you well on your way to creating the perfect fairy tale for your special day.

    Written by: Bob Robertson