Cinderella Wedding Theme

Glass Slippers Are Just One Image to Help Create Your Cinderella Wedding

cinderella bride
When Cinderella asked, "Do you love me because I am beautiful, or am I beautiful because you love me?" she captured the thoughts of every bride whose fairy tale romance comes true. Getting married is a dream-like event for many a bride. With a little planning you can easily turn your wedding into a night of enchantment.

The first thing you should do when planning a Cinderella wedding is to watch the movie. Even if you've already watched it a dozen times, it might be a good idea to watch it again with your fianc?e and keep track of your favorite scenes, songs and visuals.

When sending out invitations and save-the-date cards, a scroll might be the perfect touch. Specialized stationery stores have tubular containers for use in sending. This is your chance to let guests know they are attending a fairy tale wedding, so make sure the invitation conveys that. Look for images of a magic wand or a glass slipper to print on the cards. Use a font that looks like calligraphy and seal each invitation with wax.

Colors for this theme include pale pink, ivory and white. Red roses may be held by the bride, but keep red to a minimum in the rest of the decorations. Bridesmaids could carry a simple bouquet of white and pink roses.

The bride should look for a classic Cinderella bell-shaped dress. A simple pearl necklace with matching earrings is all that is needed to accessorize. Keep an eye out for glass-looking (plastic) slippers.

The groom should wear a black tuxedo with tails. If you are using a ring bearer, have him deliver the ring inside a glass slipper atop of a pillow.

The perfect location for a Cinderella wedding is a ballroom. A historic mansion or lodge would also be dramatic. A cascading staircase would make a nice entrance point for the bride and groom at the reception. Props such as a red carpet, pumpkin coach and glass slippers can be rented from theater companies and costume shops.

At the reception, a small bouquet of roses, gardenia, tulips, lilacs and camellia would be a nice accent to each table-top, surrounded by white votive candles.

Place cards at the table might have a graphic of a magic wand on them. Small magic wands found at a costume shop could hang from the back of each chair. Sprinkle each table top with glitter for an added magic touch.

Your meal should be a classic one, perhaps steak or chicken, served on china and with crystal if available. Wine-stem decorations are popular; look for some with a magic-wand or glass-slipper charm at party stores.

For the cake table, consider an ice sculpture in the shape of a slipper.

Whether renting a live band or using a DJ, make sure you have several waltzes in the collection. Get a copy of the Cinderella soundtrack, as well as soundtracks from other fairy tales, such as Beauty and the Beast.

After the magical night is over and you're sending out thank-you cards, again keep in mind your theme: a magic wand printed on each card will bring back memories for your guests of a dream wedding come true.