Celestial Wedding Theme

Celestial wedding accessories make your celebration sparkle!

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If you two are a match made in the stars, a celestial themed wedding might be the perfect solution for your special day. You can have a lot of fun with this theme if you use your imagination to bring the heavens down to earth.

If you decide on this theme before you pick a date, consider having your wedding on a night with a full moon.

Start with invitations that are out of this world. Use midnight blue paper with silver or gold lettering, lined with stars for a border. Include star confetti in the envelopes. Wallet-sized constellation charts would be a fun addition to the invitations.

Another option for invitations is to emphasize your astrological signs. If he's a Capricorn and she's a Leo, have your astrological symbols printed on your invitations, on which you invite your guests to a "Cosmic Wedding."

When it comes to wedding attire, celestial brides can wear a traditional white wedding gown can be embellished with crystals sown into the bodice. Or for a non-traditional look, wear a midnight blue gown with star shaped jewels sown in. The groom may wear star-studded button covers on his tuxedo, or star-shaped cufflinks.

For celestial decorations, the sky's the limit! Start with moon and star place-card holders, sometimes sold as business-card holders at stationary stores. Use a celestial background and celestial images wherever possible in your decorations.

Star shaped candle holders can be placed throughout the reception room, to illuminate the room. Party stores are a great source for celestial decorations such as balloons, table centerpieces and wine-glass stem decorations.

If your caterer provides them, choose blue stemware for champagne- and wine-glasses.

A home planetarium, sometimes called a star theater, can be purchased for under $40 and placed in the middle of the room, to project stars and planets on the ceiling and walls. Some even rotate, giving the feeling that the universe is rotating around you.

Flowers should be kept to whites and gold with blue accents. You can ask your florist to add shooting-star picks to the bouquets. Some floral shops will dip flowers in gold-colored glitter.

A celestial wedding cake made with moon-shaped layers would be a wonderful touch. For music, make sure you play songs with "stars" and "moon" in the lyrics.

When it's time to say goodnight, have your DJ or band play "When You Wish Apon A Star," while your guests leave down a moonlit path, filled with memories of a wedding that was simply stunning.