Fairy Theme Wedding

Fairy wedding dresses, fairy decorations, and fairy cake decorations fit for a Fairy King and Queen.

woodland fairy
Want your special day to be filled with enchantment? A fairy theme wedding complete with special fairy wedding dresses for you and your bridesmaids, will cast its spell over your hearts. Fairies are considered to be nature spirits, so whether your celebration is held indoors or out, nature should be your guiding element.

One way to have a unique fairy theme wedding is to have your decor reflect the season. Pinks, yellows, and pastel greens are good for springtime, plus daffodils, primroses, narcissus, rosebuds, and lacy ferns. In summer, choose bold, primary colors and mature blooms. In the fall, autumn leaves and fancy gourds might be included, along with asters or other fall flowers, in a color scheme of reds, purples and gold. Use light blues, white, and silver to create a frosty, winter feel.

The bride and groom at a fairy-theme wedding would of course be dressed as a fairy king and queen. Both might wear white, with wreaths fastened in their hair: flowers embellished with streaming ribbons for her, glitter-frosted leaves for him. Fairy wedding dresses for the bride may include irridescent beading to add a magical quality and she could carry a fancifully decorated magic wand ringed with flowers at the base. In addition to the fairy wedding dresses worn by the women, the men have special attire too.

The fairy-king groom might wear white leather boots and a sprig of rosemary along with the flower in his lapel. The bride and groom's skin, clothing, and hair could be lightly dusted with the type of glitter made especially for skin application.

Anyone in the fairy theme wedding party might wear fairy wings fashioned from silver, light blue, or white gauzy fabric sewn over a wire frame. These could be made small and all in one piece, and simply pinned to the person's back. Draw on thin lines with colored inks to imitate the patterns of the dragonfly-type wings so often depicted on fairies. If you don't mind making a large number of these, it would be fun to pin them on everyone who attends.

After the ceremony, the fairy-queen bride could "bless" the guests with her magic wand. She could also sprinkle them with fairy dust (glitter), or "anoint" them with glitter gel.

If you'll be outdoors, your processional path could be marked with tall lit torches. This would be particularly spectacular after sunset. For a daylight procession, strew the path with rose petals, tiny flowers, or glitter. If there's a breeze, tie bells in trees or on large bushes, or use windchimes for ethereal fairy music. Indoors, have small bells on the tables for guests to ring as the magic strikes them at your fairy theme wedding.

When decorating your fairy realm, remember that fairies are said to love birds, insects, and everything that grows from the earth. You could make "fairy trees" out of bare branches sprayed with adhesive and sprinkled with glitter in colors appropriate to the season. Stick these in pots and trim with bird, dragonfly, or butterfly ornaments. Surround the bases with fresh vegetables or fancy gourds.

Gossamer-type fabric, as sheer as possible, draped across ceiling or walls, with tiny string lights on white cord running underneath, will give a magical glow to any room. Or you could hang nicely framed prints of fairies which you could use in your home later on.

To add a fairy theme wedding touches to invitations, napkins, or ribbons, try using rubber stamps and gold or silver embossing powder. Stamps are available depicting not only fairies, but flowers, birds, butterflies, dragonflies, bees, and ladybugs, all of which are traditionally associated with the "fair folk." Sprinkle "magic" fairy-dust glitter inside your invitations.

If you'd like to use candles as table centerpieces, you can make them look magical by shaking them in plastic bags with extremely fine-grit (powder-like) glitter. The glitter will stick to the candles without adhesive. Bird ornaments would look sweet surrounding these.

For a fairy theme wedding cake, include fruits and nuts in the batter. You could decorate the sides with dragonflies, ladybugs, and butterflies made from marzipan or piped icing. Find an online supplier of fairy figurines and use a pair as your cake topper. If you can find them, have charms shaped like fairies, flowers, fruits, and vegetables, and bake them into the cake. Petit fours make delightful miniature "fairy cakes." For the remainder of the menu, emphasize fresh fruits and vegetables for an authentic fairy feast.

Harps, flutes, and pan pipes are musical instruments that would cast a special fairy spell over your celebration. If you and yours are of a literary bent, consider having someone read a passage from Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Night's Dream," or Spenser's "The Faerie Queen."

Not only will your fairy theme wedding enchant you and your guests, it will serve as a reminder to preserve the magic of your relationship throughout the years to come.

Written by: Jim Williams