Country Theme Weddings

Celebrate With Rustic Charm

Country Themed Weddings
If you and your intended crave an atmosphere of relaxation, simplicity, and rustic charm, consider unusual country weddings with old-fashioned country style. Country theme weddings can transport you and your guests to a simpler time, if only for a moment.

A gracious country inn or church, a rented barn, farmhouse, or garden are all good locations for unusual country weddings. Be sure to consider the season when making your choice for country theme weddings. A barn that seems airy in the summertime will feel drafty and miserable in winter. If your wedding will be at night, lanterns hung from barn rafters would cast a romantic glow. Or use scented-oil lamps placed on lace doilies for a more genteel country atmosphere.

Wear something comfortable during a country theme wedding. A loose-fitting white dress with frills and gathers galore would suit a country bride. The groom would feel at ease in an informal suit with a string tie. Bouquet and boutonniere could be wildflowers - faux so they won't wilt.

A great way to incorporate a country theme into your wedding is by choosing a western wedding invitation design for you invites. Photograph a country scene and have it printed on your invitations. Or use clipart to design your own invitations in the style of a stitched sampler.

Nothing says "country" like a handmade quilt. If you have one of these, or know someone who'll let you borrow one, you could use it to cover an otherwise bare wall during your unusual country wedding. Have your friends and relatives check their attics and basements for rustic items with a country look. Larger pieces could be grouped near entrances, or wherever you want to create a spot of interest.

Instead of renting folding tables, borrow old tables and chairs for country theme weddings. They won't match, but don't worry. You can create a unified look with table coverings made from inexpensive white curtain lace draped over colored under-cloths, with ribbons tied on the backs of the chairs. Fresh or faux flowers arranged in large ceramic pitchers would make nice centerpieces for these.

If you prefer a more uniform look for your tables, how about using picnic tables? These could be covered in the traditional red- or blue-and-white checks, or with quilts or calico fabric topped with sheet plastic to protect against spills.

In spring or summer, butterflies, birdhouses, baskets, straw hats, and country-type mailboxes would all add charm to your unusual country wedding decor. Fill an upside down hat with fresh or faux flowers, or create a striking arrangement of sunflowers in an old milk can. Farm boots make cute "vases" for flowers, too.

In autumn, consider large or small pumpkins, dried corn, fancy gourds, and fall leaves for your country theme weddings. A cleaned-out pumpkin is a unique way to display flowers. Or carve pumpkins with heart shapes and light candles inside to symbolize your love.

In winter, go for cozy. Tables arranged before a roaring hearth? Ice skates and muffs on the walls? Pine boughs make perfect winter decorations and fill the air with their sweet, romantic scent.

"Lucky" horseshoes are appropriate in any season. Just make sure the ends are pointed upward, otherwise, the luck will "run out."

You'll want to keep your guests comfortable during country theme weddings, so they can enjoy every second of your wedding. If the weather will be warm, you might provide fans imprinted with pastoral scenes. Citronella candles will keep mosquitos away. Just be sure to use these outdoors only.

For unusual country weddings consider unique favors. Your guests will be honored to receive handmade, country-style favors. Small jars of home-canned jams or jellies, with pinked squares of calico fabric tied around the tops with ribbons or raffia, would be treasured. Your homemade labels could include a "thank you" to the recipient for sharing your special day. If you're not comfortable with canning, fill the jars with lemonade mix or hot cocoa mix instead.

For a fun activity you can enjoy over and over again, find a prominent spot on a table for a large, hand-decorated, country-style mailbox. Next to it, place festive notecards and colored pens so your guests can "send" their good wishes and advice to the newlyweds.

Instead of using a gift table for your unusual country wedding, why not have guests pile gifts in a large wooden garden cart decorated in your theme colors?

Know any good country cooks? If so, ask one to make your wedding cake instead of getting it from a bakery. If you have an adventurous sense of humor, consider making your reception meal a potluck luncheon or supper, and leave the menu up to your guests.

For a quaint, casual effect, set your table with patterned, mix 'n match china if you're using lace coverings, or with heavy white china if using the checkered cloths. Old-style cake-mixing bowls and wooden spoons would make perfect serving pieces. Lay a country-cooking recipe book on your serving table to complement the "eats."

You'll want music, of course. Consider the setting. Classical music might be right at home in the charming country inn you've chosen, but it would seem out of place in a barn. If your setting's informal, hire a band that plays country music, push the tables aside, and have a good old-fashioned barn dance.

One of the best things about unusual country weddings is that you can create them on a shoestring budget if necessary. All it takes is a little down-home enthusiasm and know-how.

Written by: Jim Williams