Angel Wedding Themes

Angel Theme weddings for Heaven on Earth.

pink angel
Your relationship is heavenly, so why not celebrate with a angel wedding themes? If possible, use the Christmas season before your wedding to gather angel theme items and ideas.

A cathedral-style church with vaulted ceilings, soaring arches, and breathtaking stained-glass windows would be perfect for the angel theme ceremony. Such churches usually have a hall or annex where you could hold your reception. To create a celestial atmosphere during your angel wedding themes reception, mimic starlight with miniature white string lights strung along ceilings or walls. You could also trim doorways and windows with these, or combine them with angel ornaments on "trees" made from bare branches. Create a heavenly realm with flying angels suspended from the ceiling around the edges of the room along with "clouds" made from fluffed cotton batting. Try raiding your friends' and relatives' stashes of Christmas decorations for items you can borrow.

To look like an angel in your angel theme wedding gown, choose something white and ethereal. You could fashion a halo from gold-star wire garland, or from delicate sky-blue flowers, and attach streaming gold and silver ribbons. Add a matching bouquet and a touch of Heaven Scent perfume. The groom would look heavenly in a white tuxedo with a sky-blue boutonniere.

Bridesmaids might wear gold chiffon dresses for ceremonies using angel wedding themes, with feathered angel wings on their backs. These wings are easy to make. Form the basic shape from wire, cover with white fabric, then glue on feathers, starting at the bottom. For stability, the two wings should be attached to each other by the fabric. Make fabric straps so the wings can be worn like a backpack. Trim the straps with glittering ribbons in colors that tie in with the dress. A wire-garland halo would complete the effect.

Angel wedding themes silhouettes, in various poses, cut from white poster board, would make a dramatic focal point for a wall, behind your gift table. Use Christmas cards or angel theme clipart for inspiration. Depending on the color of the background, you could leave the angels white, or use a light spray adhesive on the poster board and cover it with silver, gold, or blue foil giftwrap before drawing your outline.
Angel Line Art with Wings and GlowBlue Robed Angel TrumpetingHeralding Black and White AngelMale Angel in Front of Purple CloudsBlue Angel with Halo
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For cake and gift tables made in heaven, cover them with sky-blue cloths. Cut small angel silhouettes from the poster board and string them in garlands across the fronts of the tables.

Your cake should be angel food (what else?) covered with clouds of whipped cream. A beautiful crystal or porcelain angel wedding cake topper could be used, or you could have several angel charms baked inside for a heavenly surprise.

An elegant angel wedding themes "habitat" makes a lovely table centerpiece and is easy to create using cotton batting surrounding a round mirror. Cut a circle the size of the mirror from the batting so the mirror can lie flat. Fluff the batting into a cloud, then sprinkle mirror and batting with gold and silver glitter. Set a glass-jar candle holder containing a tall pillar-type candle at the center to complete your angel theme centerpiece.

For favors your loved ones will treasure for a lifetime, make angel theme ornaments from craft-store kits or paint your own angel designs on "blank" ornaments. Be sure to add the names of the bride and groom, and the wedding date. Angel-shaped cookies, or sweet-smelling angel soaps would make nice favors, too. Or check craft stores for cherub- or angel-shaped candy molds, and make your own angel chocolates.

If you can afford it, an ice-sculpture angel would add drama and elegance to your food table. Your menu items might include ambrosia, "angels on horseback," angelhair pasta, or any other "heavenly" dishes you can think of. You could also serve "angel-cloud" candy, puffs of purchased cotton candy in sunset-hued pink.

For your angel wedding themes, you'll want to choose heavenly music as well, songs containing the word "angel," perhaps. If you'd prefer to feature live music, how about an "angel" harpist? He or she could dress the part and sit on an ornately styled chair painted gold. You could even surround harp and harpist with cotton clouds.

For a marriage made in heaven, your angel wedding theme will be the perfect beginning!

Written by: Jim Williams