Wedding Ribbon Invitations

Wedding ribbon is a versatile, colorful way to embellish your wedding projects.

gold ribbon
Colorful wedding ribbon is a popular addition for hand made wedding invitations, and applying it is a simple process. Wedding invitation ribbon adds a classy embellishment to all of your paper projects, with very little effort and cost to you.

Most ribbon is made from nylon, rayon, satin, or a similar shiny sheer cloth called tulle. The price you pay for wedding ribbon will depend on the material, along with whether it is woven edge, cut ribbon, or lame, which has a metallic sheen.

Satin and sheer wedding ribbons have a delicate and romantic look. Satin ribbon with a border can be beautiful when used for invitations. The border of the ribbon often has a thin wire inside, making it easy to create the look you want, bow or otherwise.

The list of ribbon types goes on, but the important thing is to find what you like and use it. Fabric stores and craft stores both shelve a large variety of ribbons.

There are many ways to use wedding invitation ribbon. You can attach a piece of vellum to cardstock with ribbon, creating a dual-layered invitation. The vellum can either be printed on, or simply used as a cover for the printed invitation. Either option creates a dreamy, romantic look. To Simply punch holes in both sheets of paper, and tie a bow after slipping the ribbon through the holes. For an added touch, use a decorative hole punch, perhaps in the shape of a star, heart of leaf.

You can also pre-tie bows and attach them with adhesive to a single layer invite. Be careful to use the right adhesive, depending on what kind of paper you are attaching the ribbon to. If you are using vellum, this is most important as vellum can show glue marks if the right product is not used. There is a vellum glue tape available at scrapbooking stores for just this purpose. It has a fairly strong hold and disappears, not allowing any glue marks to show through.

Some companies will print a logo or design wedding printed ribbon for you, and you can even write on the ribbon yourself. Gluing this to the invitation will create a truly original look, and can also be used to create graphics for place cards and programs.

Wedding ribbon can always be used to accentuate other wedding materials, such as programs, place cards and menus. Try incorporating the same wedding invitation ribbon you used for invitations into things like staircase decorations and tied around flower bouquets to create a sense of organization and flow to your wedding.