Wedding Reception Games

Create excitement with fun-filled wedding reception games for your special day.

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Weddings are full of sentiment and seriousness-- but above all, it should suit your personalities. Sure, you can add bits of the bride and groom in the wedding invitation or program, but your wedding reception can be a great opportunity to really cut loose! Try wedding reception games to really get your guests into a spirit of fun.

Roll the Dice: You're probably familiar with tapping forks against glasses to see the bride and groom kiss. Here's a twist on that old favorite: Have people pair off at their tables. (This will be even more fun if not all couples are male/female.) Between dances and courses, each couple must roll a pair of dice once. If they roll an even number, then the bride and groom kiss...but if they roll an odd number, the rollers must kiss!

Wedding Couple Trivia: This is a great way to pass the time between music sets or while your guests are seated and waiting for the meal to be served. Have questions about you and your new spouse written down ahead of time on cards. (These can be fun, serious or even racy, but be sure to keep in mind the tolerance level of all your guests when thinking up questions.) Each question should pertain to you, your spouse or both of you: Where you met, which of you had braces as a child, etc.

Have your DJ, master of ceremonies, or one of your parents stand at the microphone and select a guest to answer the first question. If the guest answers correctly, he or she then steps up to the microphone to call on the next guest, and so on. This wedding reception game is perfect for a bridal shower, too.

Counting For Flowers: Rather than tossing your bouquet to the bridesmaids, set up a jar of marbles in colors that match your wedding reception decor. Make an announcement during speech time that each unmarried female attendee must guess how many marbles are in the jar. The guests should write down their answers on their name placement cards. Near the end of the evening, enlist in the help of your maid of honor to collect the answers and determine the winner. You can then go and personally present her with the bouquet.

Musical Chairs: Play this game the traditional way--the disc jockey or band plays a tune, then stops suddenly. Guests then try to quickly find a seat. Each table of guests should be short one chair. In this way, after each round, one person will be out at each table. When only one person is left at each table, he or she wins the table centerpiece.

Roman Hands and Russian Fingers: This game is guaranteed to get the men in the audience chuckling. The bride is blindfolded while the best man places three small clips somewhere on the groom's person. These should be in difficult-to-find places, such as the groom's shoelaces or the back of his hair. The blindfolded bride must then find each of the clips with her hands. To make this game even more interactive and fun, allow guests to call out "warmer!" or "colder!" as the bride's fumbling hands get closer to or farther away from a clip.

Scavenger Hunt: This wedding reception game calls for one volunteer per table. Have a few items hidden in various places within the reception hall. The DJ or master of ceremonies then calls out the item, and the table volunteers rush to find the item. This can be quite hilarious as guests climb under tables or rush past one another to find the item. The guest who finds the most items wins a special prize--perhaps a small kiss from the bride!

Wedding Garter Relay: Here's another one for the boys. Divide the male guests into two teams. Place a chair a few yards away from the participants. Have the teams flip a coin to see which will go first.

The coin-toss winners then select one of their team members to sit on the chair. At the sound of a whistle or other signal, the first team member in line dashes to the man in the chair, with the bride's garter in his hands. He hurries to place the garter on the calf of the seated member. The two then switch places, and the garter-wearer runs to the line, quickly removes the garter, hands it to the next man in line and goes to the back of the line.

The new holder of the garter runs to the man in the chair and places it on the sitter's leg, and the game continues in this fashion. When the last man has received the garter and has run back to the line, a timer goes off.

The next team does the same. The team that performs the relay the fastest is the winner.

Wedding reception games can add the perfect element of fun to your celebration. When selecting wedding reception games, be sure to take into consideration the age and health of your guests, allowance for raciness, and family traditions (these can be changed slightly into hilarious reception games). Your guests are sure to talk about your wedding reception for years to come.

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Written by: Melanie Henson