Wedding Reception Games -Roman Hands and Russian Fingers

This game is guaranteed to have your guests laughing out loud.

A play on "roaming hands and rushing fingers," Roman Hands and Russian Fingers is a popular wedding reception game and guaranteed to get your wedding guests, especially the men, laughing out loud. To play, the bride is blindfolded while the best man attaches three small binder clips or paper clips somewhere on the groom's clothing. These should be in difficult-to-find places, such as his shoelaces or the back of his head. These can also be pretty mild or pretty naughty. For mild, somewhere more obvious, like his collar, would work. For naughty, try attaching a clip to the fly of his pants or his zipper. The blindfolded bride must then find each of the clips with her "Roman hands and Russian fingers" within a few minutes or perform a token penalty. Everyone gets a big laugh watching the bride fumble about, and the groom loves the extra attention he receives in the process.

To make the game more fun and interactive, allow guests to call out "Warmer!" or "Colder!" as the bride's hands get nearer to or farther away from a clip.

The game can also be tweaked a bit to add excitement. Use the smallest clips you can find; the smaller the clips, the harder the bride will have to work to find them. You can make the bride perform a penalty for each clip she fails to find, or make the groom perform a penalty for each clip the bride successfully finds.

To reverse the roles and really spice things up, substitute candy for the clips and tie the candy to the bride's dress with some ribbon (that way it doesn't stain or leave a sticky mess on the dress). The groom must then use only his mouth to find the candy.

Roman Hands and Russian Fingers can also be expanded to include couples from the reception and turned into a race between partners. The winning team could be awarded a small gift or table centerpiece.

Written by: Jessica Springgay