Wedding Reception Games - Wedding Garter Relay

wedding garder relays

Are you seeking a hilarious wedding reception game or a fun alternative to the traditional garter toss? If so, a wedding garter relay will add some spice to your reception's flow of activities.

Entertain Guests with a Wedding Garter Relay

The wedding garter relay is a game strictly for the adult men at the reception. It's often played as a fun alternative to the typical garter toss.


  • 2 wedding garters
  • 2 chairs
  • Whistle
  • Large open area in your reception venue


  • Divide the male guests into two teams.
  • Place the two chairs a few yards away from the participants. Each team selects one man to sit in their team’s corresponding chair.
  • At the sound of the whistle, the first team member in each line dashes to the man in the chair. He hurries to place the bride's garter on the calf of the seated man.
  • The two men then switch places and the garter wearer runs back to the starting line.
  • The garter wearer quickly removes the garter and hands it to the next man in line.  
  • The new holder of the garter runs to the man in the chair and places it on the sitter's leg. The game continues in this fashion until one of the teams has had all of the players run through the line with the garter.

A Groomsman-Only Relay Game

An alternative to the above scenario can provide some nice cash for the newlyweds. This version of a garter relay includes only the groomsmen.


  • Wedding garter
  • Stopwatch
  • Cards with trivia questions and answers about the bride and groom, such as where they graduated from college, how they met, how many kids they want to have, or where they want to go on their honeymoon
  • Large glass bowl or hat to collect money for the bride and groom.


  • Ask your guests to donate money to the game as a gift for the bride and groom. (They can donate whatever amount they feel is appropriate. You don't need the same amount of cash per table for the game to be successful.) Explain that the groomsmen will be competing to answer trivia questions about the happy couple and will present them with all of the money collected at the end of the game.
  • Pass out trivia questions, one card per table. Choose a person at each table to be in charge of asking the question. Have the groomsmen stand in a line. Set the timer for three to five minutes, depending upon how many people are playing and how long you want the game to last.
  • The first groomsman in line puts on the garter. He can wear it on his arm or over his pants leg. He races to a table and answers the assigned question. If he gets the answer correct, the selected guest tucks a bill into the garter. If he isn't correct, he must move on to another table until he can answer correctly.
  • The first groomsman then must race back to where the other groomsmen are standing, place the bill in the bowl or hat, and hand the garter off to the man who is now at the head of the line.
  • That man then runs to the next table to answer the question. This is done until the groomsmen gets each answer correct or the allotted time expires.
  • All money collected is then given to the bride and groom as a special gift.

Making Special Memories

Planning a few games for your wedding reception can be a great way to encourage guests to mingle amongst themselves. Games also create wonderful opportunities for candid photos, so don't forget to ask your photographer to be ready to preserve these special moments.

Written by: The Printable Wedding Team