Wedding Reception Games - Roll the Dice

A fun twist on an old favorite.

Most people are familiar with guests tapping forks against glasses to see the bride and groom kiss, but a fun twist on that old favorite can be turned into a humorous and lively wedding reception game, with the added bonus of no broken glass from someone tapping too hard. Called "Roll the Dice," it can be played a few ways.

Option 1

The most basic way to play is to have guests stand in a line with the bride and groom seated at the head table. Each guest rolls a pair of dice once. If the guest rolls the dice and gets doubles, the bride and groom kiss. If not, that guest returns to his or her seat and the next guest takes his or her turn at rolling.

Option 2

People begin the game by pairing off at tables. This is even more fun if not all pairs are male/female. Between dances and courses, each couple must roll a pair of dice one time. If the pair rolls an even number, the bride and groom must kiss. If they roll an odd number, the rollers must kiss!

Option 3

Another option is to build a large six-sided die. Four sides are numbered two through 5. The other two sides feature pictures of lips. If a person rolls and it lands on the lips, the bride and groom kiss. If it lands on a number, the person who rolled must kiss that many people (cheek is allowed). This provides a good laugh and is a great way for people to get to know each other better.

Option 4

Guests pair up and roll or toss two oversized dice (these can be found at most party decoration or party rental stores, and fuzzy dice make it even funnier). If they roll a seven, 11 or doubles, the bride and groom must kiss. If the pair rolls anything else, they must kiss each other.

The fun of Roll the Dice is that it can be played as mild or as wild as guests make it. If a male guest wants to plant a big one on another male guest for a good laugh, he can do so. If your young, shy nephew can only bear to peck your friend's cheek, that's fine, too. Whatever happens, the game is sure to remain in your guests' minds for years to come.

Written by: Jessica Springgay