Wedding Reception Games - Counting For Flowers

A game that is a safe and fun alternative to tossing the bouquet.

Wedding reception games can add elements of fun and excitement to your celebration. Everyone loves the rush of adrenaline that competition brings, and those memories that competition can create. Every wedding tradition can be turned into a fun and hilarious game.

Take catching the bouquet, for example. Catching the bouquet can be exciting, but it can also be a hazard. Imagine your bridesmaids and cousins trampling your elderly aunt in their race to reach those flowers first. Or picture your bouquet breaking the chandelier of a nice hotel or getting snagged in a tree. Those situations can be avoided with a fun and safe reception game like Counting for Flowers.

Rather than tossing your bouquet to the bridesmaids, set up a jar of marbles (or colored ribbons or flower petals) in colors that match your wedding reception decor. Make an announcement during speech time that each unmarried female attendee must guess how many marbles are in the jar. The guests should write down their answers on their name placement cards. Near the end of the evening, enlist in the help of your maid of honor to collect the answers and determine the winner. Then you can then go and personally present her with the bouquet, avoiding ripped dresses or trampled family members.

Or, fill a jar with layers of colored sand with a fake flower hidden somewhere in the layers. Have your single female guests guess how many layers down the flower is hidden. The one to guess correctly is the one how gets the bouquet.

Another idea is to have the single females guess how many Hershey's Kisses the bride can hold in her hands. The guests make their guesses ahead of time and write them on pieces of paper. Gather the female guests in a circle around the bride. Have the bride reach her hands into a bucket of Hershey's Kisses and grab as many as she can. Then have the guests count how many Kisses the bride could hold. The one with the closest guess to the final count wins the bouquet. Alternatively, the single ladies can guess after the bride has the Kisses in her hands (but before they are counted, of course!).

A last thought -- have a picture of you and your new spouse placed in a frame covered in polka dots or some other pattern (flowers, dogs, butterflies and so on). Have the single ladies guess how many images of that object are on the frame. The one to guess the closest gets the bouquet.

No matter what you choose, fun reception games as are safe and memorable alternatives to tossing the bouquet, and they allow you to keep that bouquet (which you thought so long and hard about to make perfect) for yourself.

Written by: Jessica Springgay