Winter Wedding Decoration Ideas

winter wedding decoration ideas

Winter can be a magical season for decorating a wedding. Even if you don't have a snowy backdrop, the darker skies and indoor atmosphere invite ample use of lights, sparkles, and reflective things.

Choosing a Color Scheme

The first step in creating memorable winter wedding decor is to choose a color scheme. A sparkling snowscape can beautifully emphasize your wedding white, or strikingly set off a richer palette of jewel tones. Gold or silver accents are elegant with winter botanical arrangements, but you may also consider a cocoa or sable brown to compliment your wedding colors.

Ideas for winter wedding color schemes include:

  • Cranberry and champagne
  • Marsala and rose
  • Plum and gray
  • Crimson and gray
  • Gold, hunter green, and ivory
  • Navy, berry, and antique gold
  • Navy, marsala, and cream
  • Dusty blue, cranberry, and champagne
  • Blush, midnight blue, peacock, and gold

Choosing Flowers for Your Winter Wedding

winter wedding decoration flowers ideas

While flowers can be expensive, roses and calla lilies are always available. Poinsettias are always an economical choice, available in white, yellow, and pink, as well as red. Gardenias are great for floating in a bowl with candles. Or for a more original arrangement, combine hydrangeas with pomegranates and eucalyptus.

Other popular options for winter weddings include Star of Bethlehem, stephanotis, ranunculus, amaryllis, and privet berries. You may also want to using the natural elements such as pine cones and cinnamon sticks to enhance your arrangements.

Ceremony Decorations

Your ceremony decorations should subtly play up the seasonal elements of your wedding theme without taking attention away from the members of the wedding party. Consider the following:

  • From a distance, baby's breath looks a bit like snow. Use this effect to your advantage by adding simple arrangements throughout your ceremony area. White rose petals can also be scattered on the floor for a "snowy" effect that's still quite elegant.
  • Decorate the backs of the chairs with evergreens and pinecones. If desired, add ribbon bows in your wedding colors.
  • Display floral arrangements in glitter dipped vases. To complete this easy DIY project, simply coat the bottom third of your vase with Mod Podge. Add a coat of silvery glitter, shake of the excess, and let dry. Seal with a second coat of Mod Podge before adding your flowers.
  • Fill tall glass vases with cranberries. Add a small amount of water and a few floating candles. Light them during the ceremony for soft, romantic glow.
  • If your wedding is a casual affair, decorate with DIY snow globes instead of flowers. For this project, you'll need lots of large jars that seal tightly. Create a scene using plastic figures hot glued to the jar lid. Fill the jar almost full of water, then add a pinch of glycerin and the desired amount of glitter. Don't fill the jar all the way to the top, since you need room for your winter scene when you add the lid. Add your jar lid, shake well, and display.

Reception Decorations

winter wedding decoration table number ideas

Generally speaking, you'll have a little more room for creativity when it comes to your reception decorations. Here are some wintery ideas that will help reinforce the theme of your special day;

  • If you're having assigned seating, use a wood burning kit to add table numbers to wood slices. Pair each number with a white votive candle surrounded by evergreens and pinecones for a rustic yet elegant look. If desired, you could also use pinecones for your individual place card holders.
  • Surround each arrangement of flowers with a wreath of spruce branches to create a large, eye-catching centerpiece.
  • Make your place setting stand out by adding a snowflake ornament. Quilled or beaded snowflakes would be a unique DIY project to create with your bridesmaids. As an added bonus, the ornaments can double as favors for your guests.
  • Add sparkle to your vases or candle holders with faux mercury glass. To create your own faux mercury glass, lightly spray your surface with water before coating with a quick spray of silver glass spray paint. After five minutes, wipe away excess water and paint with a paper towel. Repeat the process three times. The water droplets will create the textured look of mercury glass at a fraction of the price of the real thing.
  • Add personality to a casual wedding with seasonally inspired signs such as "Tis the Season to Be Married" or "Some People Are Worth Melting For." Chalkboard style signs are an excellent choice, but you can also use winter clip art and pretty fonts to make your own unique wedding signage.
winter wedding decoration table number ideas

Saving Money with DIY Wedding Decor

Many of the items you need to decorate for a winter wedding will already be widely available for the holidays. In fact, if you think ahead, you can create enchanting winter wedding decorations without buying anything labeled and priced explicitly for weddings. Just consider everything you love best about the season and look for creative ways to incorporate these items into your wedding decor.

Written by: The Printable Wedding Team