Spring Wedding Decoration Ideas

When gathering decorating ideas for your spring wedding, colorful flowers are a must.

blue daisy
Everybody loves a spring wedding. There's something natural about beginning a marriage when the whole world is decked out to celebrate, fresh, hopeful, and grateful to be alive all over again. Probably for this reason, flowers, white dresses, and spring just go together in the mind, and there are more spring wedding decoration options than there are for any other season.

The flowers available in the spring time are exceptional in variety and color. Spring wedding colors easily derive from the flowers, including pinks, lavenders, baby and periwinkle blues, mint and spring greens, pale and sun yellows, and peach. Wedding classics include tulips, daffodils, and any kind of lily, particularly the calla lily and the Easter lily. In addition to roses, stretch your imagination or ask your florist about more unique flower combinations which may give you more flavorful decorating cues.

For example, an arrangement combining flowers of the meadow, like apple or cherry blossoms, pansies, or lily of the valley, could be complimented with simpler, homespun-looking accessories, like wicker baskets or watering cans to hold the centerpiece flower arrangements. Or create a vintage-looking arrangement with hydrangeas, miniature grape hyacinths, and ranunculus, a flower that looks like a tea rose with a drooping head. This can then be complimented with vintage tea pots, urns, candelabras, and drapery of vintage linens and lace for the tables.

Spring is perfect for outdoor weddings, especially if you have nice grounds or a garden at your disposal where you can set up a wedding arbor. If you can't do without the soft atmosphere of candlelight, however, simply plan your wedding for later in the afternoon. Combine sweet smelling flower arrangements with handsome tapers throughout the venue to create the feeling of bringing the outdoors in. If you like, you can still have a garden reception, taking advantage of the myriad of pretty string lights available these days, from printed Chinese paper lanterns to pastel shaded white lights and even star and dragonfly shapes.

Spring icons such as blossoms, butterflies, and dragonflies can be incorporated into your wedding design at every level. Find images and templates from Weddingclipart.com to create your own invitations, menus, place cards, and thank you notes in the colors and images of your choice. You can also iron them onto napkins, flags, and table cloths. Then there are your accessory options, ranging from pendants and tie clips to napkin holders and wine stoppers. Wedding favors like chocolates, soaps, or picture frames in any of these shapes would continue the theme. Another option is to give seeds of your wedding flowers, or set a single bloom at each table place and give the vases as favors.

Don't forget to take advantage of the season in the decoration of your wedding cake. Edible flowers such as roses, pansies, and nasturtiums can be laid around the layers of the cake, or pressed flat and applied to the icing. Or ask about flower-shaped molds, or creating petals out of white chocolate. Confectioners can also create candy flowers, butterflies, or dragonflies to apply to the cake. For toppers, you might consider live flowers or an electronic butterfly. Or in lieu of a traditional topper, a beautiful accessory could be created with silk butterflies or dragonflies to spiral around the cake.

With all the beautiful flowers and other spring decorations at your disposal, you'll want to do it again every year! Luckily, that's what anniversaries are for.

Written by: Megan Glomb