Simple Summer Wedding Decoration Ideas

Summer party decorations for your seasonal wedding celebration.

cattleya orchid
Simple summer wedding ideas for summer party decorations and summer wedding decorations are all around you. If you've chosen to hold your wedding during the summer season, you'll have many indoor and outdoor de'cor possibilities for your celebration.

Simple summer wedding ideas can begin with colorful, edible items found in nature. Seasonal fruits are plentiful and add brilliant color to summer party decorations. When planning your summer wedding decorations choose from a colorful array of attractive foods including watermelon, canteloupe, peaches, nectarines, strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, and tropical fruits. Not only are these fruits good to eat, but they'll make for a beautiful dessert table. Seasonal fruits and fresh flowers can also be combined to make simple, yet stunning summer themed wedding centerpieces.

Summer suggests "beach", so whether or not you're having a beach wedding, there are many oceanic treasures that can add a breezy feel to your big day. Simple summer wedding ideas include dropping floating candles in snazzy glassware for an elegant look, or drizzling sand on your escort-card table. You can place shells on or around your cake for a beachy look. If you don't live by the sea, there are many stores and online boutiques that sell nautical de'cor. You can purchase everything from sand to shells for your summer party decorations.

One of the most simple summer wedding ideas that works for most any summer wedding theme is to take a cue from the outdoors. This is why an upscale barbecue reception theme is so popular. By using candles, lanterns, or even mini-sized tiki torches to inspire an outdoor feel, you can create a unique celebration inside or out.

Summer party decorations for a butterfly or dragonfly wedding theme are also widely available. Glassware, napkins, chocolate butterflies scattered across the wedding cake and miniature lights in the shape of dragonflies or butterflies or chocolate butterflies can all be used for summer wedding decorations. Anything like this, especially if bright colors are used, will give your wedding reception a summer feel.

Simple summer wedding ideas should always include fresh plants. Another symbol of the season, fresh plants and flowers add a simple yet elegant touch and are the perfect summer party decorations no matter what your wedding theme.

Flowering plants, floral bouquets and ivy will add color and if you like, a mild fragrance, to your reception. Summer party decorations that focus on natural elements are often the simplest to obtain, maintain and display at your wedding reception.

When it comes to flowers, you can incorporate tropical blooms to give a definitive "summer" feel to your affair. Consider orchids or similar blooms instead of traditional roses. Don't be afraid to splash some color around using flowers. Let your summer party decorations reflect your personal style and the colors, textures, and scents of the season.

Consider incorporating simple summer wedding ideas and elements inspired by a luau into your event. By choosing pale colors of hibiscus candles, as opposed to the usual bright rainbow colors, you can give the room a tropical feel. Consider using hibiscus garlands, but in white for your summer wedding decorations. A simple touch like that can take your beach themed wedding from backyard luau to lavish Polynesian affair. Tiki torches, grass skirting around tables, and tropical fruits can all be used as simple summer party decorations.

Choosing summer party decorations for a summer themed wedding should be fun because of the many options available. For simple summer wedding ideas, focus on seasonal fruits, summer flowers and items that embody a "summer" feel for your summer wedding decorations.

Written by: Kristen Fischer