Rustic Wedding Ideas

rustic wedding ideas

Heartwarming, sentimental, and filled with a variety of inviting textures, rustic weddings have a unique style that continues to grow in popularity. This type of wedding is also fairly easy for a DIY bride to pull off.

What Is a Rustic Wedding?

Rustic is an umbrella term in the wedding planning world, incorporating elements of country and vintage wedding styles. A rustic wedding is a little old-fashioned, playing tribute to the traditions of your parents and grandparents. Yet, it often caters to modern sensibilities by serving guests farm-to-table cuisine, artisan liquors, and local craft beer.

Rustic weddings are generally held outdoors, whether you're at a local park or in a friend's backyard saying your vows under a flower wrapped trellis. However, some rustic weddings are held in beautiful barns or country cabins. When selecting a venue for your wedding, look for a location with ample natural light for photos and enough space for guests to move around comfortably.

Fall is the most common season for rustic weddings, with spring following close behind. When nature's beauty is at its finest, you need very little in the way of decor to pull off a gorgeous celebration of your love!

A rustic wedding can be any size, although most tend to be smaller and more informal than other types of weddings. The dress code for a rustic wedding often features details like cowboy boots and cowboy hats. Women may wear floral crowns in their hair, while men may skip the traditional tux in favor of dress shirts with suspenders and bow ties.

Elements of a Rustic Wedding

Rustic weddings generally incorporate some of the following elements:

country wedding invitation
  • Baker’s Twine: Use baker’s twine anyplace you’d normally use ribbon, such as on favor tags or wrapped around flower vases at your reception.
  • Burlap: In addition to being frugal, burlap is a natural fabric choice for rustic wedding. Have the ring bearer carry a burlap pillow with the rings or wrap floral arrangements with strips of burlap. Table runners made from burlap are an option to consider as well.
  • Chalkboards: Chalkboard wedding signs, place cards or table numbers add a casual vibe to your celebration.
  • Hay: Assuming no one in the wedding party has any allergy issues, hay bales can be used to create cute DIY photo booth spaces or to prop up wedding signs.
  • Mason jars: Mason jars are one of the most popular rustic wedding motifs. Add candles to jars for mood lighting or fill them with flowers to make pretty table centerpieces.  You could also incorporate mason jars into your favors by passing out tiny jars of homemade jam or honey.
  • Lace: Pair lace with burlap to make table runners, garlands, chair bows, and favor bags.
country wedding invitation
  • Pinecones: If you're having a wedding during the fall months, add pinecones to floral arrangements, use them to make heart shaped wreaths, or string them together in garlands.
  • Wheat: Wheat makes a lovely accent for fall weddings. Add it to your boutonnieres, bouquets, and table centerpieces. You can also try adding a few stalks to the top of each wedding table place setting.
  • Wicker: Use a large wicker picnic basket at your reception as a place for guests to put their cards, add wicker charger under your wedding china for a rustic feel, and use vintage wicker lawn furniture in your wedding photo booth area.
  • Wildflowers: Flowers for a rustic wedding should look like they've been picked fresh from the garden. Use wildflowers and baby's breath for your bouquets and create additional table centerpieces for your reception by placing flowers in mason jars.
  • Wine: Use empty wine bottles as vases or candle holders for your wedding. Make slits in wine corks to use them as place card stands. Pass out mini wine bottles with rustic gift tags as your wedding favors.

To keep your budget in check, enlist friends and family to search for necessary wedding decor items in local thrift shops and consignment stores. You may also be able to borrow many of the things you need from someone who likes the rustic look in their home decor. However, if you decide to borrow items, keep detailed records to ensure that everything is returned to the proper owner after the event.

Creating the Perfect Stationery for Your Rustic Wedding

Making your own wedding stationery is an excellent way to save money as you get ready for your special day. The Printable Wedding makes it easy to create save the dates, invitations, programs, and more by providing professionally designed templates that can be customized with your wedding information. Our Rustic Wedding page highlights some of our most popular choices for couples planning a rustic theme wedding, including mason jars and wildflower designs.

When you're printing your wedding stationery, create a rustic vibe by choosing brown kraft cardstock and adding a bit of lace, burlap, or baker's twine to your printed cards. These small embellishments will give your DIY wedding stationery an upscale look that perfectly sets the tone for your special day.

Written by: The Printable Wedding Team