Garden Wedding Decorations

A garden setting will infuse your wedding with the beauty of flowers, sun and blue sky.

lilac bouquet
The natural beauty of flowers, trees and vines set the stage for your garden wedding reception decorations. Architectural props, such as fountains, arbors, potted plants and trees, and accents of tasteful lighting are your ticket to a dreamy scene.

One of the natural attractions of a garden wedding is the opportunity to create a magical effect with lanterns or string lights. This works best for late afternoon or evening weddings when the lighting will be most visible. Chinese paper lanterns are available in a range of sizes, colors, and floral patterns and make use of internal miniature lights.

Candle lanterns are also classy, though a bit more expensive and heavier on the trees. You can even make your own, out of pastel colored mason jars or carved gourds. You can also find string lights in a variety of shapes, such as stars, dragonflies, and blossoms, to weave among your tree branches.

Consider using garlands as part of your garden wedding decorations. You can create scallops with gauzy tulle or lace, gathered and pinned with silk flowers, and weave white lighting into the fabric to create magnificently creative garlands. Fresh or dried flowers strung together with ribbons in the wedding colors are also a possibility. Used alone or as part of a more intricate garland, flowers should always be part of your garden wedding decorations.

Cut flower arrangements may be obtained for free if you are using a real flower garden for your nuptials. Use them on your table tops and altar to emphasize your garden theme. You may wish to arrange your flowers in an array of containers. Possibilities include: crystal vases, silver tea pots, terra cotta pots, baskets, and watering cans.

For reception tables you can create floating candle centerpieces with silk or fresh flowers. Fill glass or crystal bowls with water and the silk or fresh flower of your choice. Add your desired number of floating candles. Alternatively, this centerpiece can be created with slices of citrus fruit, and you can add food coloring to the water or interesting pebbles in the bottom of the bowl for additional interest.

While standard white table cloths are elegant, an outdoor setting disposes itself to the shabby-chic trend. By combining contemporary articles with vintage ones, your garden wedding decorations take on a timeless look. Vintage linens draped in layers over the tables, antique candelabras and tea pots can add a unique Victorian country atmosphere to your nuptials.

Garden wedding decorations celebrate the fragile beauty of nature. Creating the perfect garden wedding decorations is as simple as celebrating nature's offerings as a part of your special day.

Written by: Megan Glomb