Fall Wedding Reception Theme

Celebrate fall and your wedding with these unique reception themes.

Your wedding reception theme is a place for you to let your creativity shine. When planning a fall wedding, you might think your only choices are leaves, pumpkins or Thanksgiving. Read the Fall wedding Reception Theme Guide for ideas to spark your imagination and create a unique fall reception.

Harvest Theme

If the traditional harvest theme of cornucopias, maize and pumpkins isn't quite right, consider a World Harvest spin. Serve traditional foods from around the world, such as hearty stews, savory rices and wheat-based dishes. If you are planning your honeymoon for some exotic, overseas destination, highlight foods from that area. Europe has many traditional fall food traditions such as World Pasta Day to celebrate. Offer truffle dishes and roasted chestnuts for a worldly flavor. Contact paper printed with maps of "The New World" can line tables or be hung on the walls in inexpensive frames. Pictures of famous world locations such as the Parthenon or the Pyramids can be tucked into flower arrangements, pasted onto pillar candles or hung like ornaments from garland.

Black and Orange Theme

Instead of a Halloween theme, go for a black and orange ball. Certainly pick the parts of Halloween which appeal to you, such as a costume party or candy corn, then let the color scheme take over. Mini orange gourds and black beans could fill clear vases holding orange roses. Turkish apricots, bagged in black lace and tied up with twine, can nestle in baskets on each table as wedding favors. Set tea lights in orange bags for walkway luminaries or to outline the dance floor.

Wine Theme

Tap into Oktoberfest for a wine reception and feature local and international vintages for guests to sample while nibbling on specialty cheeses and meats. Tuck grapes into a fall leaf garland to line the buffet and head table. Half oak barrels can hold your flowers or become bases for potted trees dressed up in small lights. Offer personal sized bottles of local wines or champagne flutes filled with sugared grapes for wedding favors. Use wine labels for place cards or assign guests to tables named for different famous vintages. Pile baskets of fruits on each table for guests to sample for table decorations. Check out Party Cheap for a wide variety of Oktoberfest accessories.

Autumn Festival Theme

If you are going to throw a party, why not follow the tradition of fall festivals? Hire old world musicians, such as mandolin players and fiddlers, to play the time honored love songs of a century past. Platters of game meats, hearty cheeses and full-bodied wines can line family style dining tables. Offer hearty ales and meads for your more adventurous guests. Sturdy baskets of fruits and nuts could be used for wedding favors and table top decorations. Choose muted silver serving pieces for decorations which look like pewter. Paint craft store buckets a matte gray color for flowers vases and wine coolers and tie up wheat sheaves with wedding colored ribbons for corners and doorways. Keep the light muted and low to simulate the Medieval era.

Your wedding reception is the part of your big day where everyone gets to celebrate. Ask yourself what type of party you want to host. Close your eyes and let your imagination take over. Are your guests dancing? Are they laughing and talking while candle light flickers? Take that mental image, add some fall ambiance, and let the party start. Follow your heart when planning your reception and let your creativity and personality take care of the details.

Written by: Caroline Retzer