Tent Wedding Decorations

Ideas for Decorating a Tent Wedding

party streamers
If the thought of a tent reception brings images of roughing it in the woods with weighty backpacks, old boots, and canteens, think again. Tent receptions can be as casual or as elegant as you wish. With the right tent-wedding decorations, you can create a stunning and memorable atmosphere in which to celebrate.

Tents offer many decorating and budget options. If you are considering an elegant, upscale reception, you might rent a white tent complete with French-window sidewalls and a special dance floor. Some tents hold over 2,000 people and come furnished and well lighted! Other tents are smaller and less opulent. But they still create a unique ambience that lets you celebrate in view of nature and all that your selected location has to offer.

Lighting is a very important aspect of tent-wedding decoration. String lighting offers many choices in terms of color, brightness, and display. Choose multi-colored or blinking lights for a playful effect, or all-white lights for a more elegant appearance. Special bug lights placed around the perimeter of the tent will provide a nice glimmer while keeping you pest-free.

Blinking balloons contain lights that go on and off in a strobe-like fashion and are wonderful additions to tent decorating. With balloon arches or singly placed helium balloons, there will be constant flickers and shimmers of festivity. This is especially nice for evening and nighttime affairs. Blinking balloons can be strategically placed to mark entrances and exits, restrooms, and other important areas.

If you prefer a more natural ambience, candles produce a warm and romantic glow. With myriad candleholders to choose from, you can create the perfect mood. Table centerpieces can also have candles as their main focus.

Consider the tent floor in your decorating plans. Is the ground covered with grass or sand? Will you need to rent a floor due to rocky or uneven terrain? Sparkles and confetti sprinkled over grass make a lovely presentation for a tent floor. Be creative!

Bubble machines add flight and whimsy to tent receptions. Bubbles belong outdoors, so a tent is the perfect place for a constant stream of buoyancy. Children, and anyone else who is young at heart, will love this.

Tent poles should be included in the decorative planning. Wrapped with garlands, fabrics, lights, or flowers, they can be transformed into eye-catching and stunning aesthetic additions. Consider wrapping tent poles with tulle, as it is both beautiful and inexpensive. Decorations can then be attached to the fabric with a hot-glue gun. If you are having a beach wedding, consider a seaside theme. Attach starfish or shells to your tent poles.

Add flowers to your tent-wedding decorations and you will have everything you need for a warm and beautiful affair. Choose ornate silk bouquets or terra-cotta pots filled with your favorite blossoms. Amid the flowing fabric of your reception tent, you will celebrate a new life and a new love, in an ambience sparked by your own magic touches.

Written by: Carol S. Rothchild