Pew Wedding Decorations

Church Pew Decoration Ideas for Your Wedding

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There is an indescribable anticipation as wedding guests walk into a church. While reunited loved ones and old and new friends start to fill the pews, a hushed excitement and energy spreads throughout the room. Pew wedding decorations will add a touch of elegance as they lead the way to your ceremony.

Check With Your Church First
Before you decide how you want to decorate the pews at your wedding, speak with your church coordinators. Some churches do not want any decorations on the pews, while others may welcome decorations as long as you do not use glue, tape, nails, or other potentially damaging materials. You can obtain special holders for pew wedding decorations either through the church or a florist.

Once you have established that pew decorations are acceptable in your church, the fun begins! The most traditional decorations are assembled with flowers and bows. They can be placed on each aisle seat or spaced along the backs of the pews. You can view many colorful and creative arrangements at your local floristĀ?s or online.

For a more contemporary look, consider helium-balloon arches. Using pearly, opalescent hues, you can create stunning arches with ease. Tying the balloons to the aisle ends of the pews will form a dramatic canopy for a magical walk down the aisle.

Potted plants placed on the floor at the ends of pew rows will enrich the scene with natural beauty. Whether you decorate with green foliage or large flowering plants, the church will carry a feeling of earthy and intrinsic celebration. These plants can later be transported to the reception area for the party.

A tulle swag connecting all of the aisle pews is a breathtaking visual. Tulle is readily available at craft and sewing stores and is an inexpensive and traditional wedding fabric. Connecting the pews within the framework of loosely tied tulle creates a lined aisle for the passage of the bride and groom. Balloons and flowers can also be fastened to the tulle for more detailed decorations. These swags are easily achieved, and they create a stunning look.

Floral Decorations
If floral decorations will be used, be sure to choose hardy flowers. More sensitive flowers, like gardenias, are lovely but will not last long. This is especially important if you plan to move your pew decorations to the reception. NOTE: although allium is cherished for its pretty clusters of flowers, its strong onion-like aroma makes it a poor choice.

Faux ivy and silk flowers are another alternative for pew enhancement. Chains of ivy make lovely pew swags and work well with silk arrangements. If budget is a factor, remember that it is not necessary to decorate every single aisle pew. You can choose to decorate just a few special family membersĀ? seats, or you can create a pattern by skipping sections of seating.

Pew wedding decorations can be simple and elegant or modern and creative. They will add a touch of personality and drama, and will be long remembered through wedding photographs. They are an instant reminder that something truly wonderful is about to take place.

Written by: Carol S. Rothchild