Homemade Wedding Decorations

Make your own wedding decorations at home and add a personal touch while saving money!

pink and blue bows
The staples of homemade wedding decorations are simple enough: candles, flowers, bows. With the right ingredients and a few good ideas, and you can create professional-looking hand-made wedding decorations at home for a fraction of the cost.

You'll need a centerpiece for your reception and buffet tables, something to mark the pews, and that extra touch to dress up the venues. Here are a few simple and beautiful decorations you can make to cover your bases:

Pew Bows
For this pretty marker, you will need the following supplies:
  • Satin twist ribbon
  • Satin ribbon
  • Silk ivy and flowers
  • White cloth-wrapped wire
  • Over-the-door wreath hangers
  • Raffia ribbon
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors
To make your pew bows, untwist about four feet of the satin twist ribbon. Spray it with water, and smooth it out with your fingers. Some wrinkles will remain when it has dried. Cut it in half; two, two foot long segments of ribbon, and make two circles. Hot glue the ends together. Pinch the loops in the middle and tie with wire.

Cut the satin ribbon in two pieces of three feet each, finishing each end with a "V". Fold the pieces in half, grasp them at the fold, and then pile them together with the loops, tying everything with wire. This is your ribbon base.

Make a bow out of the raffia ribbon and glue it to the base. Curl the ends with scissors. Add flowers and ivy trails. Glue the bow to the top of an over-the-door wreath hanger, and use this to hang it on the pew.

Candle Wreath Centerpiece
This elegant wreath is made with a three-wick candle and fresh roses or the flowers of your choice. You will also need a floral foam wreath, some U shaped pins, decorative moss and greens.
  • Cut your flowers to 2-3 inches and set in water mixed with floral solution.
  • Set the floral foam to soak in water.
  • When the water has absorbed, cover it with moss and secure with pins.
  • Stick the flowers into the foam in an organic arrangement.
  • Fill any holes with greens and tie a bow onto your arrangement.
  • Set a three-wick candle in the center of the wreath. Note: The candle must be tall enough to keep the flame from reaching the wreath.
Twinkle Tent
An ideal addition to an outdoor wedding, this magical tent encloses the wedding cake and gifts. You will need:
  • Market umbrella and umbrella stand with stakes or a weighted base
  • 60 yards of cheesecloth
  • 3-4 strands of miniature white lights
  • Two white plaster pedestals
  • 17 yards of white twill tape
  • Stem wire
  • Silk flowers
Cut two cheesecloth panels for each section of your umbrella, long enough to reach the ground. Overlap the two panels between each spine of the umbrella to cover the distance between the spines. Use twill tape to secure panels to the spines, and then tie the very ends with large knots to keep them grounded.

Create a continuous swag of cheesecloth to hang across the edge of the umbrella by gathering lengths one foot longer than the distance between the spines and tying each drape with stem wire. Leave a tail on the wire to tie to each spine. When the swag is hung, wire silk flowers to the peak of each swag.

Use the pedestals to create the columns of a doorway, and drape the cheesecloth panels hanging between them over the pedestals. Hold them in place with a flower arrangement on each pedestal. Wind the white lights around the umbrella pole and then string across spines, securing with stem wire. Use a remaining yard or two of cheesecloth to wrap around the lights on the pole, letting them shine through. Place a round covered table in the center for the wedding cake, add a taper on each side, and admire!

Written by: Megan Glomb