Car Wedding Decorations

Wedding car decorations for a stylish bridal getaway.

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Car wedding decorations are generally out of your control, since wedding car decorations are generally done by the bridal party and out of your view. For your "Just Married" car decorations, consider designating someone you trust to do a classy job. Consider recommending the use of some of the following car wedding decorations to produce a well-decorated car for your getaway.

When decorating, consider using a classic flower garland as part of the wedding car decorations. If the wedding is upscale, your guests may be shocked by flying streamers and shoe-polish signs painted on the car. Flower garlands are easily attached, and can be secured by tucking the ends under the car's trunk lid. Flowers by themselves will work, too. Many stores offer affordable silk flowers that can be fastened to the back, sides, or front of the car. Bundles of flowers make a car look elegant and are perfect for "Just Married" car decorations for a spring or summer affair.

Car wedding decorations don't need to be as exquisite as those for the rest of your wedding. So if you are looking for something fun, crepe-paper or metallic streamers in your wedding colors are a good addition.

Having a Christmastime wedding? Why not tie on some red ribbons and a wreath with a "Just Married" sign. These will add a warm touch and bring romance to the holiday season for all who see you passing by.

Signs are a must. Unless something tells the world why your car looks like a party explosion, people will miss the point of your car wedding decorations. Whether you use washable paints or actually tack on a sign, make sure your message is plainly visible. Don't discount the idea of decals to be used as part of your wedding car decorations. These easily removable must haves are a hit with car rental companies, many of which specify what can or cannot be placed on the car.

Think ribbon for car wedding decorations. Ribbon is an elegant and affordable option that can tie in your car to your wedding theme. You could choose a fun hot pink for a summer wedding, or a warm cream color for a more upscale wedding. Nylon ribbon may be right for a laid back affair, or you might consider sheer organza ribbon if your wedding will be on the formal side. You can either drape the ribbon around the car or tie bows with it. Many craft stores have ready made bows for sale.

Some companies make actual car wedding decorations available in kits. These usually include letters that can be removed from the car without hurting the paint. Make sure that the person in charge of your wedding car decorations has such a kit, complete with scissors, tape, twist-ties, clear twine, and removable decals (in case the sign won't hold up or it is raining). The last thing you want is for an inked sign to bleed on your car.

Car wedding decorations can be a beautiful addition to your wedding theme. Follow these useful wedding car decoration tips and you are sure to drive off to your reception in style.

Written by: Kristen Fischer