Candle Wedding Decoration Ideas

Candlelight radiates not just soft light, but a sense of well-being into your wedding.

wedding candles
When it comes to candles, we are all like moths: drawn to the flame. We stare mesmerized, as though triggered into the fireside dreams of our ancestors. A hint of ancient candlelight rituals, can be infused into your wedding ceremony and reception. And at the end of a night, dizzy with the euphoria of the ritual, the candles and their light are likely to be the image most impressed upon our brains.

A tasteful use of candles is all that is necessary to set the atmosphere of your wedding and to create a beautiful design that will be admired by all. Here are some of the occasions and methods for using candles in your wedding decorations.

Interior Candles
One of the easiest ways to decorate a venue is to use a combination of flowers and candles. If you are using expensive flower arrangements, you can compliment them with simple white votive candles or individual white tapers. Vary the heights, using votives with taller flowers and tapers with shorter arrangements. If you prefer to use grand candelabras, compliment them with small handfuls of blooms in glass saucers or floral garlands.

Lanterns can be used either indoors or out. For an eye-catching addition, add items to the base of the lantern. Evergreens and blossoms work wonderfully as accents to lanterns.

Browse any candle store or interior decorating catalogue and you are likely to find a plethora of handsome lanterns from which to choose. Elegant hand-blown glass or rustic carved teak, these candle holders can hang from trees, be placed on reception tables or on the windowsills in the church. In addition you can use them at the base of your altar with potted flowers.

For a do-it-yourself project that can double as wedding favors, carve your own lanterns out of gourds or baby pumpkins. Decorate your lanterns with embellishments and sprays found at your local craft store.

Unity Candles
Unity candles are a wedding tradition that dates back to ancient times. The families of a marrying couple would bring fire from their own hearths to ceremonially start the fire in the new family's hearth.

Today, a large pillar candle is flanked on each side by taper candles representing the bride's and groom's families. During the wedding vows, the bride and groom each light their individual taper and then combine the flames to light the pillar, representing the union of their families.

Tapers and pillars are common enough, but unity candles as a specialized set can be very expensive. Consider decorating your own unique unity candle using ribbon, dried flowers, or photographs, and a glue gun.

Floating Candles
A popular choice for reception centerpieces is to use floating candles in arrangements that minimize the need for expensive flowers. Some favorite designs include:
  • The Rose Bowl: glue three or four silk roses to the bottom of the clear bowl, top with round or rose-shaped floating candles, and sprinkle the whole arrangement with silk rose petals.
  • Floating Candle Goblets: cluster three goblets of varying heights together, float candles in each one and accent with silk or fresh flowers around the goblet stems.
  • Butterfly Dish: in a shallow serving dish, preferably of pottery or of an interesting shape, add water with blue food coloring, and butterfly shaped floating candles.
  • Captured Flowers: use a large hourglass vase and tuck a large silk or fresh flower on a long stem inside of it. Fill the vase with water until it is just covering the flower and then place a floating candle on top of the blossom.
Use any of these simple candle designs to decorate your wedding venue, reception hall, or garden with minimal effort and maximum effect.

Written by: Megan Glomb