Cake Table Wedding Decorations

How to Decorate a Wedding Cake Table

three-tiered elegant wedding cake
Festive anticipation spreads among guests like electric sparks as the bride and groom approach their wedding cake with cutting knife in hand. The moment has arrived, and a long-celebrated tradition of cutting and tasting begins.

Perhaps it is this symbolic ingestion of the sweetness of marriage that makes us know we are experiencing one of life¬?s cherished moments. Careful and deliberate wedding-cake-table decorating will enhance this moment to its fullest.

When you consider the amount of time and energy devoted to finding the most beautiful wedding cake, it becomes apparent that the cake¬?s presentation is equally important. You wouldn¬?t place a gorgeous, multi-tiered cake, complete with wedding topper, on a plain old table. Cake-table wedding decorations complement the cake, creating a spectacular display that will long be enjoyed through photographs.

The first step in creating a beautiful setting is the tablecloth. Traditionally, brides have chosen white linens for cake presentation, but there are no rules. You may prefer a dramatic, modern look achieved through deep, bold colors, or you may want the table to match the color scheme of your bridal party. Floor-length table skirts will ensure that your table is dressed to the nines and ready for viewing.

Tulle, either draped over linens or used independently, adds a touch of elegance. It is both inexpensive and easy to work with. It can be tied into bows or simply draped in swags. Bridal-party bouquets placed around the cake will add a regal look. Pew bows and decorations can also be relocated to the cake table for an ethereal effect.

Consider the lighting around and above your cake table. As the lights are dimmed in your reception room, a spotlight can shine directly onto the cake for a dramatic and revealing cake ceremony. It¬?s amazing how a single spotlight can transform a simple table to one of importance and awe. Flowing Christmas lights or string lights placed around the cake table provide additional magic.

If you have chosen a special wedding theme, consider incorporating that motif into the cake-table décor. Are you having an autumn wedding? Perhaps a small border of miniature pumpkins would be a festive addition. Or for a winter-themed wedding, you could surround your cake with fake snow and metallic confetti.

Some couples choose to enhance their cake table with champagne fountains. Lovely and dramatic, they add a touch of elegance and bubbly enthusiasm. Special toasting glasses, placed next to or in front of the cake, embellish the table with thoughts of good wishes.

There are so many props that can be placed on a cake table to help decorate and personalize it. A framed wedding invitation, a book left open to a meaningful poem, the cake server and cutting knife, or a border of helium balloons.

You might want to consider a table backdrop so that guests will see only the cake and decorations as they admire this confectionary tribute. The cake table is a visual delight that highlights a ceremonial tradition. With thoughtful adornment, it will enthrall everyone with its unique and romantic imagery.

Written by: Carol S. Rothchild