Balloon Wedding Decorations

Ballons can be a sophisticated and festive wedding decoration on a budget.

blue and pink balloons
If you think balloons are for kid's birthday parties, take a look around at what savvy event planners and professional balloon artists are doing with them today. From centerpieces to arches to ceiling drops, balloons are often underestimated as classy and convenient wedding decorations.

In a wide range of sizes, colors, and shapes, balloons can be gathered in charming floral-like arrangements or into elegant sculptures to decorate walls, pews, doorways, reception tables, and entire halls.

A high-ceiling venue, or simply one too wide to thoroughly decorate, is easily filled with a celebratory spirit by a few well placed balloon arrangements. Likewise, a wedding budget buckling under floral expenses can be saved by simple and relatively inexpensive balloon centerpieces.

Here are a few balloon wedding decorations you can do yourself.

Hot Air Balloon Centerpiece
From your local party store, acquire one large helium balloon, a balloon net, and a weighted balloon ribbon. If you like, take a bride and groom wedding topper and add it to a basket at the base of your miniature hot air balloon.

Decorate the basket with strings of pearls to imitate ropes. Secure your bride and groom inside with hot glue as necessary. Inflate the balloon and tie it to the weighted ribbon. Add a decorative bow and cover the balloon with the net. Tie or glue the ends of the net to the basket, and cut off the excess.

Balloon Surprise Centerpiece
From your party store, acquire the following items:
  • One full sized white heart shaped balloon and weighted ribbon.
  • 6-8 white pearlized 5" balloons with accompanying balloon sticks.
  • Gold foil and a gold gift bag.
  • Floral wire.
  • Styrofoam blocks.
Fill the gold gift bag to the top with the Styrofoam blocks. Inflate, tie, and attach the pearl balloons to the balloon sticks and insert them in a sunburst arrangement into the blocks. Cut the gold foil into long leaf shapes, attach to floral wire, and insert around the balloons. Inflate and tie the heart balloon to the weighted ribbon and drop it into the center of the arrangement.

Clustered Balloon Arch
For arches, it is ideal to use a helium tank with an automatic sizing nozzle, to make sure the balloons are of a uniform size. If you need a size guide, cut a hole in a piece of cardboard and use this to compare the diameter of the balloons. You will need 4-6 balloons per foot of arch and a sturdy nylon thread.

To construct your arch, tie each end of the line to a weight such as a brick or gallon water bottle. Inflate and size two balloons and tie them together at the neck. Repeat and tie the two pairs together, creating a four-balloon cluster. Tie the cluster to one end of the line and repeat, nestling the clusters closely together on the line.

Balloon Designers
Alternatively, consider hiring a balloon company to service the event. Just like picking out a wedding cake, you can meet with the balloon decorators and look at pictures of their work and plan your designs for your special day.

Does your wedding have a theme? Ask your balloon artist about creating a customized balloon sculpture for your event. This sort of decoration would make a grand decorating statement.

For a simple prop that can be used in extraordinary ways, consider balloon wedding decorations for your celebration.

Written by: Megan Glomb