Arch Wedding Decorations

Creating the Perfect Wedding Arch

bunch of balloons
With flowing grace and traditional lines of ethereal mystique, wedding arches are breathtaking focal points for ceremonies and receptions. They present both a magical view and a canopy for the bride and groom, covering them, if only for an instant, in fairytale whimsy and beauty. Arch wedding decorations provide a finishing touch for indoor weddings, outdoor weddings, and reception entryways.

Arch wedding decorations can be rented, purchased, or personally created. Although it may seem daunting to even consider making your own festive wedding arch, it really is not a difficult process and can be accomplished in a variety of ways. If you purchase a simple arch framework at a local garden center, you can concentrate on the adornments. Wrap tulle loosely around the frame and it will immediately be transformed into a flowing, fairytale-like focal point. Using a hot glue gun, you can then personalize the arch. Add silk flowers, ivy, or any other memento that calls out to you.

If you want to create your own framework, consider using poles with a fabric-swag cover. Poles made of PVC, wood, or even lightweight metal can support any type of garland or decorative-arch ceiling. Choose a stunning piece of silk to swag across the top of the poles. Then cover the poles themselves with tulle, other fabric, or faux ivy to create a stunning visual. By anchoring the poles in the sand for a beach wedding, or in large pots that hold even more floral decorations for an indoor wedding, you can create a sturdy and safe masterpiece.

Balloon arches are relatively inexpensive to make and are dramatic and festive additions to any celebration. Helium balloons can be ordered as arches or tied together and anchored to existing frameworks. Plastic or wooden garden lattice can be cut into an arch shape and embellished with lush greenery. This is lovely for either an indoor or outdoor affair and will lend a feeling of garden romance and natural charm.

If you have a wedding theme, it's fun to decorate your arch accordingly. Winter arches can be sprayed with fake snow, Hawaiian-themed weddings can have arches decorated with colorful leis and tropical blooms, and fall-wedding arches can glow with the rich hues of autumn leaves. For a truly electrifying effect, line up arch after arch to create a solid tunnel, a magical passageway that will surely turn heads and add matchless drama to your decor.

The human arch is perhaps the most moving possibility for a just-married ceremony finale. Have family members and closest friends assemble into two lines, facing each other. As they raise their arms to create a tunnel of arches symbolizing their protection and love, the bride and groom pass underneath. Each guest could bring one small memento to hold in the air as they create the arch of arms, thus enhancing the meaning and beauty of the moment.

Whatever style you choose, your wedding arch will symbolize magic, romance, and all the possibilities of a shared and cherished union.

Written by: Carol S. Rothchild