Altar Wedding Decorations

Ideas for Decorating the Wedding Altar

altar candles
The altar is one of the focal points of the wedding ceremony, so its adornments should reflect the spirit, themes, and ideals of the day. If you are going to be married in a church or synagogue, it is essential to discuss altar-wedding-decoration ideas with your pastor, priest, or rabbi, as some holy institutions have decorating restrictions.

When planning your altar wedding decorations, remember that you, along with your wedding party, are the true focus. What colors will your bridal party wear? Choose altar flowers and decorations that complement your basic colors and styles.

It is important to decorate the altar in a way that blends with the location's decor. A visit to your church or wedding hall, where you sit down and take in the ambience of the room, may help you decide what types of decorations will best enhance your altar while still maintaining harmony.

Candles bring warm light and flickering promise to altars. Whether you place hurricane lamps on the floor next to the altar, or smaller candles on the altar itself, you will produce a moving effect. The unity candle is an especially significant and beautiful altar decoration. It is a single pillar candle that is lit by two distinct tapers. The candle-lighting ceremony symbolizes two hearts and lives merging into one bright promise through marriage.

Remember to include the podium in your decorating plan. The front can be enhanced with floral wreaths, photographs of the bride and groom, satin or tulle bows, or lovely flowing fabric. Even a simple potted plant placed in front of the podium can transform it from plain to promising.

Is there an altar rail? If so, take advantage of this ideal decorating arena and wrap its edges with ivy, flowers, or garlands. Tie balloons to the rail. Their floating festivity will sway with promise.

Consider the following ideas:
  • Helium balloons and balloon arches
  • Silk flowers
  • Fresh flowers
  • Pom-poms
  • Garlands
  • Tulle
  • Rose petals
Scattering rose petals is a traditionally charming way to line a path or outline a special area while filling the air with their intoxicating scent. Sprinkle petals on the floor in a path that leads to the altar. Then scatter more petals around the altar itself. This will lend a romantic, whimsical feel to the area.

If you have chosen a wedding theme, decorate the altar accordingly. Consider a decorated wedding arch next to or in front of the altar. After the ceremony, the married couple can pass beneath the arch as husband and wife. This will be seen as a symbolic passage and will add to the beauty of the ceremony.

Altar decorations can be simple and elegant or extravagant and crazy. Just like the promise of your new life together, the sky is the limit. Let your decorations be a true reflection of yourselves and your marriage.

Written by: Carol S. Rothchild