Wedding Reception Decoration Ideas

Unique wedding reception decoration ideas add charm and elegance to your special day.

peach roses
It's the ultimate party. A time when friends and family unite to celebrate and marvel at a day filled with promise. While you are making plans to ensure that this party runs perfectly, you need to think about creating ambience and charm. It is time to consider your wedding reception decorating ideas.

As you envision entering your wedding reception, what do you see? Will you walk through the doorway and enter a room of fantasy, flowers and special lighting? The entryway to your reception will be the portal to partying paradise for the next few hours. It will frame the first image your guests will have of you as you make your grand entrance as husband and wife, and appear in important photos.

The entryway to a party room should be the focus for those initial wedding reception decorating ideas. Whether you choose to decorate the doorway with simple adornments or intricate embellishments, you will be adding warmth to your reception.

Unique ideas for wedding reception entryway decorating include:
  • Twinkle lights
  • Neon lights
  • Cloth butterflies
  • Small, craft birds
  • Silk flower garlands
  • Pearlized, opaque balloons
  • Lacy cloth
  • Ivy
  • Rose petals
Focus now on the reception. Since your guests will spend time at their tables, it is important to pay close attention to linens and place settings. From the centerpieces to the napkins, each special touch will add to your unique atmosphere.

The Centerpiece
Flowers make timeless and lovely centerpieces, since they are both fragrant and eye-catching. Floral colors can coincide with the color scheme of the bridal party, or they can contribute their own original colors. Centerpieces can also be used as favors for guests.

You may prefer to use candles for your table centerpieces. Whether you choose hurricane lanterns or small votives, you will be able to achieve a soft, festive mood through their use.

Longer tablecloths are more elegant and romantic than shorter ones. Tablecloth and napkin colors should reflect your style. They can be as bold or as subtle as you want, however, consider that a single purple tablecloth looks remarkably different from fifty! Try to picture your choices on the larger scale in which they will actually be utilized.

The wedding cake is a huge focus at the reception. In addition to the culinary anticipation, both you and your guests will enjoy viewing it in its entire splendor. Give the cake its own special place at the reception.

Decorate the cake pedestal, cake table and perhaps even the floor around the cake table. It is amazing to see how petals on the floor and garlands on the table can make the cake look even grander. Small lights and a backdrop also add charm. These decorations will highlight the cake and its significance.

Balloons make a wonderful celebratory contribution to any wedding reception. With hews of gold, silver, and pearl in addition to the many colors, they add a touch of elegance and festivity to every reception room.

It's fun and helpful to choose a wedding theme. It can be as simple as a color motif or as complex as a time period reenactment. Your theme can symbolize special hobbies or joys that you share as a couple. A theme adds consistency and direction to your wedding decorations.

If you decide on a seasonal or holiday theme, remember to shop in unconventional times and places too. Craft and discount stores have wonderful clearance sales after the holidays, and unique ideas for wedding reception decorations are often inspired after a post-season shopping trip. If you are shopping a year in advance, you might just find the perfect mementos and decorations at a fraction of their original cost.

Above all, enjoy the process. Each little touch adds joy to a reception room that is bound to inspire awe from your guests and host the party of a lifetime.

Written by: Carol S. Rothchild