Mexican Wedding Cakes

Mexican cakes for a Mexican theme wedding filled with festive, ethnic color and flavor.

bride feeding cake to groom
Mexican wedding cakes add to the fun and romance of your Mexican theme wedding. Colorful and creative, Mexican cakes will provide a tasty addition to your wedding fiesta!

Traditionally, Mexican wedding cakes are tropical fruitcakes (filled with goodies such as pineapple chunks, grated coconut, and sliced pecans) soaked in rum. Some forego the rum and use a milky sauce. This fruitcake doesn't have to be heavy. You could have a regular cake made with tropical fruits such as pineapple and coconut.

Another idea would be to ditch the fruit altogether, go with a traditional wedding-cake flavor for your Mexican wedding cakes such as lemon or chocolate, and decorate the cake with a lively or romantic Mexican theme. Whether you go with a tropical fruitcake or not, it's nice to have a tier or two in alternate flavors. This is even more important if some of the tiers are soaked in rum or made with a flavor that many are allergic to, such as chocolate.

When considering the colors for your Mexican cakes, you may want to use traditional Mexican color schemes, vibrant colors that are highly contrasting. Weddings in Mexico are filled with vibrant colors, and the bridesmaids and guests often wear red. For your Mexican theme wedding, don't be afraid to experiment with primary colors and make a bold statement with your wedding cake and decorations on your wedding day.

However, if bright colors aren't your style, be aware that white is also a large part of a traditional Mexican wedding. The flowers that fill the church or home are often white, and the bride traditionally wears white. You could also have a white wedding cake with a bright accent such as red chili peppers or roses for your Mexican theme wedding.

For ideas for your Mexican wedding cakes, consider the pictures that come to mind when you think of Mexico. For example, many associate Mexico with colorful mosaics, tropical flowers, chili peppers, jungle, parrots, senoritas and senoras dressed in lace and ruffles, flamenco and red roses, sombreros, silver, turquoise, terra cotta, romance, beautiful fountains, fiestas, enchanting desert sunrises, and romantic sunsets on the beach.

In Mexico, Mexican wedding cakes come in unique designs, often with religious and cultural symbols. Mosaic patterns (made with icing) covering square cakes are also popular. Here are a few wedding cake ideas that use a Mexican theme.
  • Gold "coins" (suggesting the Mexican custom of the groom giving the bride thirteen gold coins to show his trust and commitment).
  • Marzipan or gum paste molded into shapes such as chili peppers or miniature fans and sombreros.
  • A miniature mariachi-band cake topper.
  • A white lasso or string of rosary beads placed around the bride and groom cake toppers (borrowing from Mexican wedding customs).
  • Silver or terra-cotta colored pillars (cake separators) for a tiered cake.
  • A lush garden of tropical flowers between each pair of tiers.
  • A cascading cake stand featuring a waterfall of blue fondant (candy paste), live orchids, and marzipan parrots.
  • Senora and senior figurines for a bride and groom cake topper.
  • Ruffles and lace created with icing to represent a Mexican wedding dress.
  • Tropical flowers in your wedding colors.
If you are considering tropical flowers for your wedding-cake design, here are a few of the many species that grow abundantly in Mexico:
  • Hibiscus
  • Heliconia
  • Orchid
  • Prickly-pear cactus flower
  • Poinsettia: red or white, perfect for a winter Mexican theme wedding.
  • Rose /ul> Tropical fruits that grow in Mexico, such as banana, pineapple, papaya, mango, and coconut, could be arranged on your wedding reception cake table. A fun grooms cake could be shaped like a sombrero, a flamenco guitar, or anything Mexican the groom likes.

    Mexican wedding cakes can be a fun, colorful additon to any Mexican theme wedding. By using your imagination and the creative inspiration of Mexico and its culture, your wedding cake will become the unique centerpiece of your wedding reception.

Written by: Cindy Blankenship