Wedding Cakes

Everything you need to know about wedding cakes!

The most delicious and decorative wedding cakes combine creativity with taste. As a contemporary bride- and groom-to-be, you have more choices now than ever before. Take a tip from some current wedding day trends for a wedding cake that's out of this world.

Cake Shapes

Many brides and grooms choose a multi-tiered round cake. But why stay with the ordinary when you can have your pick of wedding cake shapes? Today's couples are square double- or triple-layered cakes, heart shaped confections and even frosted octagon layers.

If your baker is creative, you can even combine shapes. For instance, a rectangle center with two small squares on either side makes an impact on your big day. So does a round bottom layer with stacked square shapes on top.

Fabulous Flavors

Your baker will ask what flavors you'd like for your cake; be ready with your favorites, or try something new. Butter cream or icing between-tier layering can be fabulous in creamy hazelnut, rich mocha or a unique combination, such as almond and spice. Another favorite, fruit filing, gets an upscale lift with the addition of mint or a sprinkling of dark chocolate "confetti". Ask your baker for recommendations on filling flavors and combinations; he or she may have a specialty you've never tried before.

For the cake itself, chocolate and vanilla remain top picks among brides. For a summer wedding, try strawberry; if your groom loves pistachio, ask your baker for a sample and try it; or if you're dying for a wedding cheesecake, go for it! The sky is the limit with your wedding cake flavor.

The Icing on the Cake

Wedding cakes can be frosted in traditional, hand-spread icing, fondant (cut from a sheet) icing or a simple sprinkling of confectioner's sugar. Fondant icing is the preferred topping among couples due to its ultra smooth finish. Fondant is also easy to attach decorations, such as candied flowers or candy "pearls," to. Check out this possibility, as well as whipped cream style, hand-applied frosting, which gives a soft and highly romantic look to your cake. For flavors, match them to the cake or choose a subtle flavor contrast, such as French vanilla cake, mocha filling and a wonderful almond icing.

Decorations, Decorations, Decorations

Deciding on your cake's decorations is the fun part. Real flowers of your choice are a popular current pick. Have petals sprinkled on the top tier around a bloomed matching flower for the ultimate in elegance. Edible toppings include real fruit or fruit pieces, candied flowers and other candied decorations. Ask your baker what his or her specialty is. If you have decoration ideas in mind, consult with your baker. He or she may be able to create toppings to your specifications.

Take your time finding a cake topper. A teddy bear bride and groom, a bride holding her groom, or cartoon-style characters can add that special something that makes the cake uniquely yours.

Groom's Cakes

Don't forget the groom in choosing your cake. Groom's cakes sit beside the wedding cake and are created with his personality in mind. A golf green complete with tees and flags, a poker table or a simple yet highly upscale layer of squares are all appropriate for groom's cakes.

The Size of Your Cake

The standard size of a wedding cake slice is 1.5 inches by 2 inches. Ask your baker how many tiers your cake will need, or how long, wide and deep it should be, to feed your number of guests. No matter how delectable the cake is, few guests will ask for a second piece; get just enough cake to comfortably feed your number of guests, while reserving a piece to take home. (Tradition holds that the bride and groom should share a piece of their wedding cake on their one-year wedding anniversary.) And be sure to feed your new husband a nice, big piece for that cake-cutting picture!

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