Buffet Wedding Receptions

Great ideas to help you plan the perfect buffet wedding reception

Buffet Wedding Receptions
Thanks to the prevalence of food allergies and the needs of picky guests, many brides are now choosing to hold buffet wedding receptions. This gives you many more options when it comes to picking foods and your guests will be able to select exactly what they would like to eat. Buffet wedding receptions can be a lot of fun and they are generally an economical option for those that are looking for ways to provide quality food without paying high per-plate costs.

Picking the Main Entrees

A good rule of thumb to follow when planning your buffet wedding reception is to offer at least two main entrees. Most catering companies will allow anywhere from two to three for this type of event, but you may be able to select more, depending on your budget. We recommend trying to find dishes that will appeal to a wide variety of guests.

Chicken piccata is an excellent choice for a poultry dish, and pasta-based meals such as rigatoni are also popular. Try to think of a main theme when you are planning the entrees for your buffet wedding reception. For example, would you prefer an ethnic buffet or would you like to provide your guests with down-home cooking? This can be very beneficial in assisting you with ideas.

For ethnic buffets, you could try chicken curry, or even jerked chicken. Pork is an entree option for buffet wedding receptions, but you may have guests that will be unable to eat it. Most brides prefer to stick with the two basics, chicken and beef, when planning this type of event so that they can appeal to the majority of palates. For a down-home buffet, you can try fried chicken, as well as beef pot roast.

If you would like your buffet wedding reception to be a little more upscale, beef Wellington and prime rib are ideal choices. You could include a second entree of braised and roasted chicken for those who would prefer something lighter than beef. Once you have the main entrees decided, the next step, picking the side dishes, is usually much easier.

Carrying on the Theme With Side Dishes

If you have selected a theme for your buffet wedding reception, your side dishes will be much easier to choose. For example, for a down-home buffet, macaroni and cheese is a great choice, while fried plantains would work well for an island-themed reception. Elegant side dishes include steamed polenta, wild rice or even roasted potatoes and vegetables.

Remember that if you do have guests with special dietary needs it is important to include plenty of different side dishes that they will be able to enjoy. Guests will still have plenty to eat even if they can't partake of the main course at your buffet wedding reception.

Keeping Your Buffet Wedding Reception Fun

Buffet wedding receptions are designed to be enjoyable and provide your guests with numerous different options. Don't be afraid to experiment with your side dishes and have a little fun with the menu choices.

Written by: Cary Stuart