Wedding Program Fan

Do-it-Yourself, Custom Wedding Program Fans for All

wedding program fan

Programs that double as fans are a pretty yet practical addition to a wedding that occurs during the summer months. The program, in addition to informing everyone of your pertinent wedding details, gives guests an easy way to keep cool during the ceremony and reception.

Making Your Own Wedding Program Fan

While wedding program fans can be specially ordered, they are also a fun and easy DIY project.

Your wedding program needs to include four key parts:

  • The welcome and introduction, including any musical interludes
  • The speakers or spiritual blessings
  • The exchange of vows and rings
  • The final blessing, including any traditions you may be observing

Optional additions might include the following:

  • A formal listing of the bridal party
  • A "Thank You" and acknowledgments
  • An explanation of ceremony traditions for guests who may be unfamiliar with them

For your convenience, The Printable Wedding has provided a heart-shaped template you can use to create your wedding program fans. Simply download the file, add your program information, and print.

wedding program fan
Download this heart shaped program fan

Printing Your Wedding Programs

You'll want to use sturdy cardstock for your wedding programs to make sure your fan can hold up to regular use throughout the day. If you only have text on one side of the fan, consider using a decorative pattern on the reverse side to add visual interest to the design. Using wedding clip art or backgrounds that match your other wedding stationery items would be a good way to tie together the different elements of your special day.

If you're printing your wedding programs at home, it's a good idea to buy new ink cartridges before you begin. When the ink in your printer is low, this can cause colors to become distorted.

If you've already found a program design that you wish to use, consider trimming the edges into a pretty scalloped design. Our downloadable template makes the trimming process a snap.


wedding program fan
Download this scalloped design program fan

If you're printing your wedding programs at home, it's a good idea to buy new ink cartridges before you begin. When the ink in your printer is low, this can cause colors to become distorted.

Assembling Your Wedding Programs

Once you've printed your program, you'll need to trim it to the correct size. If you're using a template, trimming with a craft knife is the best way to ensure even cuts. Alternatively, you could use a die cut machine, paper punch, or decorative border scissors from the scrapbooking section of your local craft supply store to create a unique shape for your wedding program fan.

To assemble your project, simply attach a wooden fan handle in between the front and back of your program. You can use glue to assemble your wedding program fans, but glue can sometimes create unsightly lumps or wrinkles in the paper. A better alternative is to use double-sided tape. After you've taped the fan handle to the back of the program, run strips of tape around the edges of the paper for a secure hold.

Embellishing Your Program Fans

Tying ribbon bows along the wooden fan handle is the most common way to embellish this type of DIY wedding program, but it's not the only option. For example:

  • Try using self-adhesive rhinestones along the handle to add a bit of sparkle.
  • Attach buttons and tie with twine for a rustic touch.
  • Embellish the handle with tiny heart epoxy stickers.
  • Add a phrase or quote.

Feel free to get creative with this part of the project. In addition to saving money, DIY wedding projects let you create a design that perfectly matches your unique personality.

Keeping Guests Comfortable During Your Summer Wedding

Providing programs that double as fans can help keep guests comfortable despite the rising temperatures. Enlist the help of your bridesmaids or a few crafty friends to make this DIY project a snap to complete.

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Written by: The Printable Wedding Team