Wedding Program Cover

Customized program covers help personalize your wedding.

Wedding programs play an important role in your nuptials, since they convey the details of your ceremony and serve as a special keepsake for guests. When choosing your program, you'll want to pay careful attention to the cover.

What Makes a Good Wedding Program Cover?

Your wedding program covers double as title pages, which means that customized program covers should contain essential information about the wedding—including the names of the couple and the date and location of the event. Wedding program covers will often also include a general title such as "Our Wedding" at the top. This is all the text that is required, though you may choose to include a brief quotation that has special meaning for you or your wedding. For example, you might include a line of poetry, a song lyric, a native blessing, or an inspirational quote from a significant person or religious source. See our Traditional Wedding Quotes and Wedding Quotes and Sayings articles for suggestions.

The cover of your wedding program is also your opportunity to echo the mood and design of your wedding. The customized images and/or text you place on your cover will let your guests know a little bit more about your approach to the ceremony. To create a cohesive look, choose a design that echoes your wedding colors, theme, and/or the graphics used in your wedding invitations and other wedding stationery.

The Printable Wedding offers a wide range of professionally designed wedding program covers for the DIY bride. Popular choices include

  • Traditional Flourish Program: Perfect for a classic wedding, this elegant design features the bride and groom's names surrounded by flourishes.
  • Monogram Wedding Program: A crisp monogram bracketed with fancy line work adds a decorative touch to this wedding program design. The navy blue background and light blue stripes provide a pop of eye-catching color.
  • Poppy Wedding Program: Bold poppy graphics accent this cover design that features the couple's names in an easy to read serif font.
  • Harvest Wedding Program: If you're tying the knot during the autumn months, this natural wheat field design adds a seasonally appropriate touch to your program.
  • Beach Tide Folded Wedding Program: For a beach, tropical, or island wedding, this cover design features a subtle graphic of waves splashing the shore and a crisp white background.

Creating a Customized Program to Celebrate Your Special Day

Your wedding program cover is like a mini-version of your overall wedding theme. Use customized program covers to make the statement you want, since they will serve as the emblem of your wedding for years to come.

Written by: The Printable Wedding Team