Fall Wedding Programs

Autumn touches for creating meaningful wedding programs

Programs are one of the special details which add to your entire ceremony. They help set the tone for your wedding, support your theme and impart important information to your guests. The Fall Wedding Programs Guide will show you ways to personalize your programs for a unique memento of your big day.

Look to your invitations for style and lettering choices for your programs. You want the program to be a part of your overall wedding stationery pattern. If you are using a professional printer, get your invitations and programs printed at the same time to ensure matching ink color and design continuity.

Here are some suggested items to include on the program:
  • Parent names.
  • Names of the bridal party and their relationship to the couple.
  • Order of events for the ceremony.
  • Names of soloists, officiant, special readers and other special participants.
  • Special tributes to absent family members.
  • Heartfelt thank you to guests and participants.
Consider adding explanatory lines for the order of events, lyrics for special songs and wording for readings. Guests want to feel included in your wedding rituals and these touches allow them to participate on a meaningful level. Special blessing or acknowledgments to remember loved ones during your ceremony can be very touching. Guests and family members will find comfort in your words of tribute. If your reception will be held more than a block away, include the name, address and brief directions to your site. Out of town guests don't need a three-hour tour of your hometown while trying to find the buffet.

With the advances in technology and personal computers, many couples are opting to print their own wedding stationery. Clip art sites makes it easy for couples to design every detail of their program. Templates can be used for artwork and wording for unique and personal programs. Fall leaves can be added as subtle borders, large corner artwork or detailed focal points. Ivy borders can encircle your program or individual leaves can be used as highlights for your ceremony order. For a traditional fall wedding program, try out bold color block leaves on the top and bottom of your program. Use your paper choices to infuse fall inspired artwork with color. Traditional navy inks get a boost from mango colored papers. Or switch it around and use green inks with coffee-colored stationery.

The great thing with clip art sites is the ability to try out different combinations of color, type style, papers and graphics using your names and information. You can play around until you find your perfect combination. You also gain the flexibility to change information at the last minute without incurring fees or needing to reprint everything. If the organist suddenly bails on you, one click and you can change your information. Take a look at the Fall Wedding Invitation Guide to help you create invitations to match your programs.

Fall wedding programs don't have to be fancy or complicated. Elegant artwork, such as a falling leaf border, might be the only touch you need. A single sunflower, delicately placed in the corner, adds fall tones without creating a cluttered look. Your programs are so much more than a keepsake for the wedding album. Many special friends and family members created the magical parts of this day with their voices, instruments or presence. Thanking and honoring them in a wedding program lets everyone know the depth of your appreciation. A creative wedding program will allow you to communicate with your guests in a meaningful way. And your guests will be able to participate in the marriage of two very special people.

Written by: Caroline Retzer