Contemporary Wedding Programs

Modern wedding programs are about sharing your ceremony information in a clear and confidant style.

For the modern couple, being on top of wedding trends is important. Contemporary wedding programs are one place where you can focus on your individuality while still following the hot new looks. Read through the Contemporary Wedding Programs Guide for a description of today's trends and places you can add your own touch.

Papers: Bold, clear colors are popular right now. Jewel tones in pink, red, orange, blue and purple are all available in papers, inks and artwork. Pinstripe and polka dot backgrounds create texture and depth to programs. Computer programs and graphic artists can create a theme inspired background such as bubbles for your dolphin or ocean wedding. Color blocks remain a major design trend. Alternating broad stripes of turquoise and chocolate can be used for a fall or winter wedding. Clear pinks and purples work for any season, but remain top choices for spring and summer brides.

Embellishments: Adding personal trinkets and tokens to your programs will update any style of program you choose. Sea shells and angels remain the biggest trends, but any theme-based item will work. Faux jewels and pearls added to borders adds elegance. Ribbons and bows in your wedding colors can personalize your programs. Feather accents are a new decorating trend and many couples are adding them in the corners, tops and bottoms of their programs.

Scrapbooking: Crafters have outdone themselves with all the options available now for scrapbooking. Contemporary couples are capitalizing on all the stamps, scissors and hole punches now available to create unique wedding programs. Follow your theme with angel stamps or update your printed programs with clematis-stamped borders. Handcrafted wedding stationery, including programs, is a popular trend, especially when paired with handmade invitations.

Green Wedding: Everyone is hopping on the green bandwagon and engaged couples are no different. Recycled papers, soy-based inks and natural embellishments are on the cutting edge of wedding trends. Natural grasses, wood accents and dried flowers are popular choices.

Wording: Keep your wording more casual and friendly for contemporary wedding programs. Skip the stuffy phrasing and go for a more conversational style. Look into lettering fonts which mirror handwritten notes or personal letters.

To get the skinny on the latest wedding trends, attend bridal fairs and check the web. Bridal magazines are good sources for major color trends and detail inspiration, but the web has faster publishing times and will have the most up-to-date information. Craft stores such as Michaels have an online shop to look for ideas and a store locator to find a brick and mortar store near you. Recycled Paper Stationery offers amazing papers to create programs which highlight the green, natural and embellished trends. While not the least expensive choice, for a smaller wedding or a truly unique program, this site will give you plenty of options. Check out the Traditional Wedding Programs Guide and the Creative Wedding Programs Guide for ideas.

Wedding programs are a couple's primary way of including guests in the symbolic parts of their ceremony. It also is used to impart important information and recognize all the participants who made their day so special. Let your program offer a peek into your personalities and your relationship by giving your creative side a chance to take over. See where you can combine your desire for a modern look with details from your unique love story to design the perfect wedding program. wedding color scheme

Written by: Caroline Retzer