Butterfly Wedding Programs

Butterfly designs for your do-it-yourself butterfly wedding programs.

monarch butterfly
The butterfly is a beautiful and inspiring image to incorporate into your wedding design. Spring and summer weddings, especially daytime garden weddings, often incorporate butterfly images to complement surrounding flowers and to express the joy and hope of new beginnings and the transformative power of love. Whether you are launching a full-fledged butterfly wedding theme or simply looking for an accent, a butterfly wedding program is the place to start.

Your butterfly wedding program will be in your guest's hands from the moment they enter the church and will be referred to throughout the ceremony. Nothing, with the exception of the bride and groom, will receive more attention. Later, your butterfly wedding program may end up in guests' scrapbooks as a rememberance of your wedding. Why not make sure that it captures the spirit as well as the content?

A quick search online will yield any number of professional wedding program designs incorporating butterflies. You will also find that most printers will have some kind of basic butterfly graphic they can add for you. But just as it is easy for professionals to find butterfly images, it is easy for you to find them yourself. If you want to avoid the kind of inflation that happens when the word ?wedding? is added to merchandise, consider designing your own butterfly wedding program. Even if you only create a template to be run off at a printer, you will save money and earn much more creative control.

To begin, browse online for e-cards, invitations, photographs, and art that use butterfly images. This will help you get an idea of the different kinds of butterfly designs available. Often these images can be downloaded or captured at a reasonable size and resolution, then incorporated into your butterfly wedding program design on your computer. A good imaging program is helpful for editing, but most word processing programs will allow you to at least paste in an image. There are also professional clip-art sites, such as Weddingclipart.com, that offer specialized images for downloading and even allow you to customize the color online.

If you have a scanner, you can take butterfly images from hard materials like greeting cards, fabric, or books. Since butterflies are a popular theme not only for weddings, but for birthdays, Mother's Day, and other springtime holidays, you will have no trouble finding material. A butterfly almanac will help you find a real butterfly in the wedding color of your choice and an example of the flowers it prefers. Or you may simply ask an artistic friend to draw samples of butterfly designs for you to select from and scan. A pen and ink drawing could easily be carried from the cover of your program to the borders of the inside pages.

Finally, consider using a butterfly shaped programs to make your statement. You may wish to design the cover to look like butterfly wings, with the names, date, and location of the wedding in its own box or circle in the middle. Or you may simply rely on the shape, listing the cover text in an ordinary way. Don't forget about colored and specialty papers for this option: even a subtle floral paper would not be out of place as long as the text can be read easily. Your butterfly wedding program will flutter open and closed like butterfly wings as your guests refer to it throughout the ceremony.

Written by: Megan Glomb