Wedding Planning Software

Choosing the Right Wedding Planning Software Can Save You Time and Money

Planning a wedding can be a wonderful and exciting experience. Unfortunately, it can also be a stressful one. Luckily, today's bride-to-be can purchase wedding planning software to keep her on-track and organized.

Rave Reviews
A simple internet search under "wedding planning software" will yield plenty of results to get you started. Look for a software program that has received positive reviews from several reputable sources. These could include computer magazines or consumer newsletters.

Be careful. The cheapest software may be just that: cheap. Likewise, over inflated prices are usually unnecessary, especially when you have so many choices. Shop around when choosing your software package.

Some sources offer a free trial period. This can be a great way to get a feel for whether the program is right for your needs.

Freebies Galore
Another option is to look online for free software offers. These typically download directly onto your computer. Other free services don't technically download at all, but instead offer an real time interactive planner online.

The best part of this type of option, of course, is that there is no financial investment on your part. However, in exchange, the service will usually display pop-up advertisements whenever you open a page, or sometimes even periodically while you've been inactive on the page. Alternately, the service may advertise "No pop-ups!" but will inform you that it will be sending advertisements to your e-mail address. These can really add up over time and become a nuisance.

Pop-ups can also open you up to potential viruses and spy ware, which can be extremely difficult to eliminate. Think carefully about this option before clicking "Sign me up now!"

A Little Support
Most wedding planners do offer online support. This would include technical issues (help with uploading photos, for example) as well as advice and tips for the bride and groom, budgeting and a wedding time line. Find out what extra support features the program includes before making the purchase or signing up.

What to Look For
You can map out your entire wedding on your planner, from the bridal shower (if you're involved in your own) to the return trip from the honeymoon. A few handy features to look for include:
  • guest lists for the bridal shower, wedding and reception
  • printable invitations
  • printable thank-you notes
  • technical support
  • online support
  • RSVP tracker
  • a ceremony "walk-through" from start to finish
  • music planning
  • photography
  • a gifts spreadsheet, to personalize your thank-yous later
  • venues for the wedding and reception
  • honeymoon planning
  • budgeting
Sneak Peek
See if the vendor or site offers sample pages from other happy couples' planners. This will give you a feel for how the software is set up. Look for user-friendly, easy-to-read pages that are organized in a way that clicks with you.

Fine Print
One other word of caution: DO look for a money back guarantee option, and DO comb through your agreement to make sure there will be no hidden additional fees. Weddings can tax a budget all by themselves; you won't want to have to deal with one more expense.

With the right wedding software, your planning will go smoothly. Utilize this handy and up-to-date tool to keep you calm, cool and organized down to the last detail. You'll be glad you planned in advance for this very special day.