Wedding Color Schemes and Materials

Implementing your wedding color scheme through decorative use of color.

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Once you've picked your wedding color scheme, you're going to need to commit yourself to a creative use of color for a festive look. There are a few basic places where you'll want to be sure to display your choices.

Invitations are the first place you will display your wedding color scheme. You might want to choose colored paper, or white or ivory paper with images and text printed in color. To get ideas for how to implement color into invitations, do a simple search on the Internet to get ideas flowing. Use of color possibilities are many.

Your wedding party attire should be the cornerstone your hues. There are a number of ways to do this. Your bridesmaids' dresses and groomsmens' cummerbund and ties may be all one color. Or, you may opt to choose different shades of your main color for your bridesmaid dresses and groomsmens' attire, matching the couples that will be walking down the aisle together. For instance, if blue and silver is your color scheme, you might have each bridesmaid wear a different shade of blue dress. For the one whose dress is light blue, have the groomsman who walks down the aisle with her wear light blue, as well.

Flowers are another place you'll want to implement your wedding color scheme. Compliment your main colors with neutral tones. Add white flowers into the mix, and other accompanying shades. Your florist will be able to help you design bouquets within your color scheme. It's a good idea to bring a swatch of one of your bridesmaids' dresses to the florist when you attend a planning meeting.

The wedding cake is another crucial place to display your wedding color scheme. A popular way to do this is to top the cake with fresh flowers from your bouquet. This can be a simple yet elegant choice. Again, bring a swatch of material to your cake maker. If you decide on another cake topper, make sure it compliments, or at least does not clash with, your color scheme.

Decorations, of course, are another place you'll want to celebrate use of color. Start with the big decorations, and work down to the small. One way to bring a large amount of color into your reception or ceremony without spending a lot is by using tulle. Tulle is a fine net fabric made from silk, nylon or other synthetic fibers. It can be ordered in just about any color. Drape it around stair rails, over chairs, around doorways, around the buffet table and just about anywhere you can imagine.

Table centerpieces should highlight your palette, too. You may want to use a bouquet as a centerpiece. Other options include pillar candles, ice sculptures, fish bowls, hurricane lamps, champagne buckets ... the possibilities are endless. Try to incorporate your color somehow, even if it is just a ribbon tied around the champagne bucket or candle.

Once you've got the major decorations out of the way, focus on the small ones: napkins, votive candles, tablecloths and favors. Also, when it's all over, don't forget matching thank-you cards.

The use of color is an outstanding way to share your celebratory spirit with friends and family. Let your wedding color scheme be an important part of the beginning of many happy times you will witness together.

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Written by: The Printable Wedding Team