Using a Wedding Planner

Use of a wedding event planner can save you headaches while planning your wedding.

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In today's society, people rarely find time to read a newspaper much less plan a large wedding. Many of us work full-time jobs, have rich social and family lives plus household responsibilities. Add planning a wedding to the mix and your cup is likely to overflow, considering the average wedding takes between 200 and 300 hours to plan.

You could enlist friends, coworkers and family members to help with the small details. Or you could hire a wedding event planner or coordinator.

The cost of a full service wedding planner will add to your total budget. But a good wedding event planner can save you money, often enough to cover the cost of hiring them, sometimes more. There are a few important things to know before hiring a wedding consultant that will help ensure the planner you settle on is a good match for you.

Set up a consultation with the wedding event planner, preferably at their office. This way you can get acquainted with their style and personality, making it easier to judge whether they are a good match. A good coordinator will offer the consultation for free.

Have a series of questions prepared for this meeting. You'll want to ask if the wedding event planner has a minimum budget that they work with. Some planners won't work with small weddings, for instance, and you'll want to make sure your budget falls within their requirements. If it doesn't, don't raise your budget. You should be able to find a coordinator to fit any budget.

Ask the planner about relationships he or she has with vendors in your area. Make sure they have a long list of connections, and don't only work with one or two specialists in each field. You'll want to know that you're getting the best deals and being made aware of all the options in your area. A good planner also is able to compare vendors to each other, and doesn't make a commission on his or her recommendations. Another bonus of hiring a planner: You can avoid less-than-quality services and products by getting the inside dish on which vendors step up to the plate for their customers, and which have a reputation to disappoint. Planners also can negotiate discounts that otherwise might not be offered.

Wedding event planners help in developing a wedding timeline, which ensures that no planning details are overlooked. You might be able to relax more during the planning process knowing that someone is looking over your wedding besides you. Depending on the planner and arrangement, you may ask them to attend the wedding, to make sure things run smoothly and to help with last-minute emergencies.

The cost of hiring a full service wedding planner spans a large spectrum, but you generally can expect to pay somewhere between $300 and $3000. Fees are based on the size of the wedding, how much experience the planner has and what services are required. Coordinators usually charge one of three ways: by the hour, by a percentage of total wedding costs, or a flat fee.

The most important detail in hiring a wedding event planner is that you are compatible with them. You want to have fun planning your wedding, and the best planners can help you do this, while saving you money at the same time.

Written by: The Printable Wedding Team