Preserve Your Wedding Things

In many cases, a wedding involves several months of careful planning and preparation. Once your trip down the aisle is complete, it's only natural to want to preserve some of the beautiful items you worked so hard to select.

Freezing Wedding Cake

Wedding cakes are delicious as well as gorgeous. Many couples decide to preserve the top tier of their wedding cake to enjoy on their first anniversary. If you want to do this, you'll need to place the cake on the upturned lid of a food storage container after you've removed any large and/or breakable ornaments. Freeze the cake uncovered for two hours to set it. Once this is done, wrap the cake in plastic wrap to guard against freezer burn and attach the body of the container to create a makeshift cake dome. This will keep you cake fresh and undamaged until it’s time to celebrate your first year as husband and wife.

wedding gouwn preservation

Wedding Gown Preservation

Gown preservation uses special cleaning and packaging techniques to ensure that your dress maintains its beauty for decades to come. After all of the stains have been removed, your gown will be wrapped in acid-free tissue paper and placed in an archival safe storage box.

To preserve your gown, it needs to be taken into the preservationist as soon as possible after your wedding. The longer stains set, the more difficult they will be to remove. Many dry cleaners offer preservation services, but if your dress is quite valuable going to a specialist may be a wise investment.

Preserving Your Wedding Flowers

When preserving your wedding flowers, you can either focus on preserving the petals of the individual flowers or preserving the arrangement as whole. Preserving the petals is more affordable, but many brides prefer to preserve the entire bouquet for display purposes.

At home, you can press the petals of a few flowers between the pages of thick book and frame them once they've completely dried out. Some people also like to make souvenir ornaments for their Christmas tree by filling clear glass balls with the dried flower petals and mementos such as a wine cork from the reception or a bit of birdseed from the wedding favors.

If you'd like to preserve the entire bouquet, take it to a florist and ask to have it freeze dried. When it's finished, it can be displayed under a glass dome. Alternatively, consider having a florist create a replica of your wedding bouquet using silk flowers. This arrangement can then be displayed in your home wherever you'd like.

Storing Photos and Paper Memorabilia

Creating a wedding scrapbook is the most common way to preserve photos and paper memorabilia such as a copy of your engagement announcement in the local newspaper and your wedding invitation, program, and reception menu.

When creating your scrapbook, look for materials labeled as acid-free and archival safe. It's recommended that you spray newspaper clippings, stationery, and other similar items with a product such as Krylon Make it Acid-Free! aerosol protection spray before adding them to your scrapbook to prevent them from fading over time.

If you have your negatives or a disc with your images, keep them in a safe deposit box so they’ll be protected even if your home sustains water or fire damage.

Hope Chest to Store Your Wedding Memorabilia

Using a Hope Chest to Store Your Wedding Memorabilia

If you have a hope chest, this would be an excellent place to store your wedding memorabilia. Traditionally, hope chests were given to young women to store clothing and household goods in anticipation of their wedding day and used to store items of sentimental value after the marriage had occurred.

Storing items in a dedicated chest helps protect them from dust, light, and moisture. This will help ensure that your special memorabilia lasts as long as possible. If you don't have access to a hope chest, you can use any large container that closes tightly for the same purpose. Just remember to avoid placing the container in your attic or basement, as temperature fluctuations in these areas can cause damage to your items over time.

Using Wedding Memorabilia as Home Decor

If you hate the thought of putting your beautiful wedding items away in a closet, consider turning them into special home decor. For example, you could combine a few photos with a copy of your wedding invitation and some pressed flowers from one of your table centerpieces to make lovely shadowbox wall art or repurpose some of your wedding candles by using them as decor for the mantle in your living room. Another popular way to decorate with wedding memorabilia is to have your dress turned into a quilt or pillow that can be enjoyed on a daily basis.

Cherish Your Special Memories

It takes a little time to preserve your wedding gown, flowers, and other mementos, but the results can be well worth the effort. When preserved properly, your wedding memorabilia will bring back special memories of your trip down the aisle for many years to come.

Written by: The Printable Wedding Team