Personal Wedding Websites

A Website Is a Great Way to Keep Guests Up to Date

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Are you looking for a way to update your guests on your wedding plans? Consider creating a personal wedding website. You can clue family and friends in on important dates, times and facts with the click of a mouse.

Going it Alone
You can create your own site from scratch if you're handy with a computer. You'll need knowledge of HTML, a language used to display text, fonts and visuals on your web page.

Don't worry if you're all thumbs when it comes to setting up a site, however. There are plenty of services you can use that will provide you with a personal page, complete with templates, color schemes and even real time help.

Cost Considerations
One of the best things about personal wedding websites is that many are free. Most wedding web sites involve a quick, easy and free-of-charge setup. The downside is that this is usually accompanied by loads of pop-ups from advertisers. Try a couple of different domains to see which is the least pop-up invasive and offers the best features. You can always delete the sites you don't want.

Establishing Your Site
The most popular domain services will come up first on a browser search. This means they have gotten the most recent views. Check out the internet's first few picks. There is probably a reason so many people are visiting them.

On the other hand, don't settle on a wedding website domain based on popularity alone. Have a look around and find out what features are available to you. If the site won't give you a good idea of what is available without actually signing up first, move on. You want a service that will make things easier on you, not more difficult.

Fabulous Features
A good personal page should offer the following:
  • a way to upload or link to your wedding gift registry
  • plenty of space for photos
  • a variety of backgrounds to choose from
  • HTML support
  • a guest book, if you wish
Additional features such as online RSVP and a link to an online map and directions are good ideas, too.

Safe Site
You may be ready to shout your good news (and intimate details) from the rooftops, but remember that the internet is a public place, with literally millions of people utilizing it at any given time. Select a domain that includes password protection. This way, the only people who will see your site will be people you trust.

You will probably end up listing your and your groom's first and last names, the location of the wedding, photos of friends and loved ones and other highly personal information. Be careful whom you share this information with. Be choosey -- invited guests only!

Bells and Whistles
A good site will allow you to add as many personalized features as you want. The following details can make your site truly unique:
  • a flash intro, perhaps with "wipes" of two or three pictures of you and your groom
  • a clickable "contact me" button
  • fun polls or a question of the day -- Be creative!
  • honeymoon plan information
  • audio and video
  • directions to the wedding and reception
  • background music
  • easy-to-navigate pages
You might wish to use your wedding colors as a background for your intro and other pages. If you're not on the technologically inclined side, ask for help from a friend who's handy with computers. Knowledge of HTML is a plus, but not absolutely required unless you're creating your own page from scratch. Also utilize online support if this comes with your chosen domain.

Once your site is up and running, be sure to share the address and password with your guests. You will want to send out a mass e-mail for this purpose. Be sure to request that the recipient keep the password information for his own use. This is your personal information and your special day. Like your wedding, be sure to make it everything you dreamed it could be.

Written by: VWB