Rehearsal Dinner Invitation

Wedding rehearsal dinner invitation etiquette and wording suggestions for the bride and groom.

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Rehearsal dinner invitations should be sent at least four weeks before the wedding. Your invitations should include the date, time, and location of the event. Whether you're planning a formal rehearsal dinner or a more casual gathering, The Printable Wedding makes it easy to create the perfect invitations from the comfort of your own home.

Formal Rehearsal Dinner Invitations

A formal rehearsal dinner invitation is worded much like a wedding invitation, with the names of the hosts first. For example:

Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Anderson
request the pleasure of your
company at the rehearsal dinner in honor of
Matthew and Elizabeth
on Friday, the eighth of April
at seven o'clock in the evening
The Hills Restaurant
1795 Emerald Drive
Miami, Florida

In the case of a rehearsal dinner, the groom's parents are traditionally the ones who host the event. However, if both the bride and groom's parents are paying for rehearsal dinner expenses, the invitation can be worded as follows:

Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Anderson
Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Crowell
request the honor of your presence
at the rehearsal dinner
on the eve of the marriage of their children
Matthew and Elizabeth
Friday, the eighth of April
at seven o'clock in the evening
The Hills Restaurant
1795 Emerald Drive
Miami, Florida

rehearsal dinner invite sample An RSVP isn't normally necessary since all the guests you invite will be people who you've already established are going to be in the wedding. However, if you're not sure their spouses will be able to attend or you're inviting extra out-of-town guests who aren't in your wedding party, it's perfectly acceptable to add an RSVP line for planning purposes.

Since all of the wedding invitation templates on The Printable Wedding are fully customizable, any invitation with a design you like would be suitable for use as a rehearsal dinner invitation. Simply choose a template and click the "Personalize Now" button to add the wording of your choice. Proofread, save, then print on your desired card stock.

Casual Rehearsal Dinner Invitations

Of course, not all weddings stick with tradition. If you're having an informal meal that you're paying for on your own, here's an example of wording that would be appropriate:

Please join
Aimee & Eric
at their rehearsal dinner
Friday, July 13, at 6 p.m.
Giovanni's Pizzeria
18 E. 9th St.
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Rehearsal immediately preceding dinner
at St. Anthony's Cathedral

If your informal meal has a host, consider the following:

Please join us at our home for a
rehearsal dinner
in honor of
Aimee and Eric
on July 13, 2016
at 6:00 p.m.
5692 Central Avenue
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Mr. and Mrs. Justin Edwards

If you want something lighthearted and whimsical:

"Practice makes Perfect"
We'll practice the ceremony,
To iron out any kinks.
When we're finished, it's off to the Maple Lane Cafe for dinner and drinks!

Please meet at the church,
On July 13 at 6:00 p.m. on the dot.
It's the place where Aimee & Eric
will tie the knot!

With an informal rehearsal dinner, you don't need to match your wedding invitations exactly. However, you may want to make your invitations coordinate with the rest of your wedding stationery by using a similar color scheme or font choices. Repeating a quote you plan to use on your wedding program would be another fun way to tie everything together.

To make your own rehearsal dinner invitations, choose one of our wedding backgrounds. Add text in the font of your choice using your favorite image editing software. If desired, add additional clip art for embellishment before printing.

A Stress-Free Way to Prep for Your Special Day

Your rehearsal dinner is a time for the members of your wedding party to make sure they understand what's going to happen on the big day. Use the rehearsal dinner invitation to convey important details about arriving and being prepared for the event. When you let The Printable Wedding help you quickly create pretty DIY invitations for the event, you'll be free to focus on other last-minute wedding preparation tasks.

Written by: The Printable Wedding Team